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College of International Management (APM)

About APM

Cultivate your own global perspectives, business ethics and problem-solving skills in APM in order to join the next generation of international business leaders. Lectures are designed to give you a broad understanding of the diverse political systems, economies, societies and cultures of the Asia Pacific as well as fundamental and advanced knowledge and the skills pertaining to business administration. As a student in APM, you will begin your studies tackling concepts of corporate strategy and core management and then branch out into your specialized field of interest.

Degree Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)
Program Duration 4 years
Yearly Intake 660
Enrollment Semesters Spring (April), Fall (September)


A list of faculty for the College of International Management can be found here.

Areas of Study

Based on a foundation of wide-ranging understanding of the diverse societies, cultures and traditions of the Asia Pacific region, APM has established 4 areas of study in order to develop students with values and social awareness geared toward creating new businesses and cultivate human resources with the drive and creativity to succeed in the dynamic world of business in Asia.

Accounting and Finance

The health of corporations is evaluated by the ebb and flow of money, which is known as accounting, while finance is the field concerned with raising and managing the funds necessary for this corporate activity. Classes in this cluster enable you to gain a solid foundation in these demanding areas and exercise your knowledge in an international context.


The theories and methods needed to provide goods and services to the global market is the focus of courses in the marketing cluster. You will learn how to identify the most effective method to link production to the final consumer and determine how much to provide at what cost.

Strategic Management and Organization

These classes focus on how to set goals, establish principles and develop methods for an organization so that it meets the challenges of evolving social needs. If you aim to become an entrepreneur or plan to take over your family business, this cluster is ideal for you.

Innovation and Economics

Learn about what generates innovation, production management techniques and the underlying economic foundations of these concepts. These lectures are geared towards those wishing to contribute to global development through business or policymaking.

Curriculum Overview

The Mission of the College of International Management is to cultivate human resources with strong business ethics that will play an active role in resolving management issues at globalizing enterprises and other organizations by imparting fundamental knowledge in management, enhancing intercultural communication skills and upholding cultural diversity.

Graduation Requirements

Graduation requirements and the subjects that students can take differ depending on the student's curriculum, enrollment basis language and status as either a domestic or international student. Graduation requirements are listed in the sections for each curriculum. Please make sure you read the "Graduation Requirements" carefully.

Required Subjects

APM has established the following 11 required subjects: "Introduction to Management", "Statistics", "Accounting Ⅰ", "Introduction to Economics", "Introduction to Marking", "Finance", "Management of Human Resources and Organizational Behavior", "Production Management", "Legal Strategy in Business", "Business Ethics" and "Global Management (Capstone)" (Total number of required credits: 22). "Global Management (Capstone)" serves as the culmination off our years of study in APM. It is designed to enhance the understanding of certain topics through deep learning and debate and to improve systematic comprehension in all four Areas of Study. APM students are also required to complete at least one of "Fundamental Mathematics" and "Advanced Mathematics," which are offered as Required Subjects (Mathematics).Please make sure you read the "Required Subjects" carefully.

Curriculum Outline

See the "Curriculum Outline" for a full look at the APM curriculum.

Subject List

For a full look at all the subjects for APM as well as Language Courses, please refer to the "Subject List".