Aerial view of AP House

APU guarantees on-campus housing for all international students in their first year. From your second year, you will move off campus into downtown Beppu and choose between living in a private apartment and sharing a residence with other students. Rent in Beppu is almost half of what similarly-sized properties cost in major cities such as Tokyo or Osaka.

AP House (On Campus Dormitory)

Only a five minute walk from the main part of APU’s dynamic campus, this modern dormitory offers you a peaceful haven for your studies and private life while giving you the opportunity to experience world cultures and make lifelong friendships. With students from more than fifty countries living together under one roof, the time you spend here will be unforgettable.

The dorm has 378 shared rooms and 932 single rooms. It is also equipped with 44 communal kitchens, laundry facilities, private shower rooms, Japanese-style public baths, computer rooms, study rooms, a small convenience store, indoor entertainment facilities such as billiards, and outdoor basketball courts. Additionally, AP House provides 24-hour security, bedding rental service and free Wi-Fi in the lobby. All rooms are fully furnished and also have a refrigerator, air conditioning/heating unit and free internet access. The rent is 49,000 JPY per month including utilities.

There are both single rooms and shared rooms in AP House. Shared rooms are separated by a lockable sliding door for your privacy when needed and can only be opened if both sides are unlocked. International students staying in a shared room will be pared with a Japanese roommate to have an even greater opportunity for intercultural exchange while living in AP House.
In AP House, there are second to fourth year students selected as Resident Assistants (RAs), to help you adapt to your new environment and provide support during your time at the dorm. RAs also arrange fun activities for you to join.

Shared room layout Single room layout

AP House Floor Party AP House leisure space

Off Campus Housing

Living off campus gives you the chance to practice your Japanese language skills, learn to be independent and experience local culture through interactions with your neighbors and other people in the local community. By living downtown, it is also easy to join local events and activities, do part-time jobs and explore Beppu City at your leisure.

Locally Owned Properties

A large number of APU students live in locally-owned apartments on their own or with roommates. Rent typically ranges from 30,000 JPY to 50,000 JPY for a one-bedroom apartment and between 40,000 JPY and 80,000 JPY for a two- or three-bedroom apartment, which you can share with friends. In Japan, apartments are not usually furnished so you will need to buy furniture and electrical appliances when moving in.

Off Campus Housing Support

APU provides support to help you make the transition from on campus to off campus accommodation through Creotech, an outsourcing company funded by the Ritsumeikan Trust, who offers housing consultation services. Creotech’s office is located on the first floor of the Administration Building. Find out more about these housing services here.