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Admissions Information

Welcome to Ritsumeikan APU's admissions information page for international undergraduate applicants.

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Application Types

Answer a few questions to determine your application types.

Which school are you interested in?

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Do you possess Japanese nationality, including Japanese dual nationality, at the time of your application?

You are considered a Japanese/domestic applicant, regardless of your place of residence or standard language.

Please contact the Office of Domestic Admissions ([email protected]) to find out how to apply or for further information. However, if you are in the process of renouncing your Japanese nationality, please consult with the Office of Domestic Admissions before submitting your application. If one of your parents has Japanese nationality, there is a possibility that you also have Japanese nationality. Please be sure to confirm this in advance.

Do you have permanent residency status in Japan at the time of your application?

You are considered a Japanese/domestic applicant. You are eligible for the Domestic Student Entrance Examination regardless of your place of residence or standard language.

Please contact the Office of Domestic Admissions ([email protected]) to find out how to apply or further information.

You are considered as an international applicant. Do you wish to enroll as a Japanese-basis or English-basis student?

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Admission Policy

Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University (APU) welcomes students who will uphold the university’s basic ideals of Freedom, Peace, and Humanity, International Mutual Understanding, and the Future Shape of the Asia Pacific Region. These students should also, while using both English and Japanese, be ready to acknowledge and understand differences in cultures and values, engage actively in an international campus community, and contribute to mutual learning.

New undergraduate students must possess the following attributes and abilities in order to engage in this kind of learning:

  1. Knowledge and Skills
    • Basic knowledge required for studying at university
    • English or Japanese language proficiency required to pursue university-level studies
  2. Reasoning, Judgment, and Expression
    • Critical thinking, analytical ability, and creativity needed to identify problems and proactively work towards their resolution
    • Ability to interpret information accurately, as well as express one’s own ideas clearly and logically using facts and data
  3. Initiative and Capacity to Collaborate with Individuals from Diverse Backgrounds
    • Ability to pursue goals and follow them through
    • Readiness to engage with and support others on the basis of mutual understanding
    • Desire to make full use of a multicultural learning environment and participate in multicultural collaborative learning
  • College of Asia Pacific Studies
    • Interest in one of the fields of Culture, Society, and Media, International Relations, and Global Economy in global society with a focus on the Asia Pacific region
    • Basic ability to study the field social sciences with a focus on society, politics, and economics
    • Ability to read and write basic texts that will lead to reading and writing specialized texts at College of Asia Pacific Studies
    • Ability to pursue one’s own interests and to express them clearly
    • Ability to integrate large amounts of information and think from multiple angles when framing opinions
  • College of International Management
    • Interest in global management and business fields including Strategic Management and Leadership, Marketing, Accounting and Finance, Entrepreneurship and Operations Management
    • Ability and desire to develop creativity, leadership skills and problem-solving skills
    • Desire to make positive change through business and take action toward inclusion and sustainability in the Asia Pacific region and the world
  • College of Sustainability and Tourism
    • Interest in tourism and hospitality and sustainable society
    • Interest in various regions both within Japan and abroad, as well as willingness to work toward solving problems for region sustainability
    • Willingness to learn across disciplines in collaboration with various social actors on and off campus

In order to admit undergraduate students compatible with APU’s learning environment, applicants will be evaluated through a comprehensive assessment of the aforementioned knowledge, skills, reasoning, judgement, expression, initiative, and capacity to collaborate with individuals from diverse backgrounds using a variety of methods.


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