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A Week in the Life of an APU Student

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A Week in the Life of an APU Student

My name is Terra LoPresti. I am now a third year student at APU. Every day is busy and full of things to do. However, while the activities I take part in keep me busy, I have so much fun doing each and every one!

I try to practice good time management skills by making sure to write the things I need to do down in my schedule. Sometimes it is difficult to keep up with both my studies and extracurricular activities, but I know my limit and try not to partake in more activities than I can handle, always keeping in mind the time I need to study. Some of the activities I am currently taking part in are: I am a member in the organization called Global Admissions Student Staff (GASS) and I am a Teaching Assistant (TA) for the Japanese Traditional Tea Ceremony class.

Besides the activities that I take part in on campus, I also have a part-time job downtown in Beppu. I work at a pizza shop called Pizza Alto. I love working there not only because my managers are kind and understanding, but also because it is a great way to improve my Japanese. In my free time there are two things I love to do, watch movies and bake. I like to bake sweets for my friends and have the chance to share the taste of American desserts with them.

A productive day for me is when I have been able to complete all the tasks I needed to do as well as have a little time to relax on the side. I would be happiest at the end of the day if I could get home in time to hang out with my roommates and enjoy dinner together before being able to sleep by 23:00!

This is how my week looks like:

weekday Schedule
Monday Wake up at 7:00 and get ready for school. Classes 1st and 2nd period, break for lunch, class 4th period, Tea Ceremony TA 5th period, break, GASS meeting 7th period
Tuesday Wake up at 7:00, eat breakfast, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th period class, study in the library before going home.
Wednesday Wake up at 8:30, study, go to my part-time job
Thursday Wake up at 7:00, 1st and 2nd period class, eat lunch with friends, 4th period class. Tea Ceremony TA 5th period. Seminar 6th period.
Friday Wake up at 7:00, 2nd period class, GASS meetings, go home and relax, at 19:00 attend Church Youth Group downtown, eat dinner.
  • 1.GASS: Global Admissions Student Staff is a group of volunteer students who helps out in events aiming to introduce APU to high school students.
  • 2.APU timetable:
    1st period 8:45-10:20
    2nd period 10:35-12:10
    3rd period 12:25-14:00
    4th period 14:15-15:50
    5th period 16:05-17:40
    6th period 17:55-19:30
    7th period 19:45-21:30
    Most classes are scheduled during 1st - 6th period. 7th period is mainly for group meetings and club activities.

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