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APU Online Application System

Welcome to Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University's online application system for international undergraduate applicants. Ritsumeikan APU is located in Beppu, southern Japan. We offer classes in Japanese and English on a campus where students come from over 100 countries and regions.
By registering with the APU Online Application System, you can complete the entire admission process including submitting an application, applying for scholarships, and video-recorded interview without coming to Japan.

Steps to APU Admissions

The following information is based on the applications for 2025 enrollment. If you are currently applying for enrollment in September 2024, please check the Application Handbook on the Downloads page.
Applications for 2025 enrollment will open from June 6, 2024.


Create an account within the APU Online Application System.

English-Basis Applicant

*Applications for 2024 enrollment have been closed.



This application system is for international undergraduate applicants. If you want to check your application type, use the diagnosis chart at the bottom of this page.


Enter your application information and upload your documents.
For more information, visit our Admissions page or view our Application Handbook.


Pay your application fee and submit your online application.


Complete your video-recorded interview and online assessment to finalize your application.


Receive your application results, APU Tuition Reduction Scholarship results*, AP House Global Community Scholarship results*
*If applicable.

Application Types

Answer a few questions to determine your application types.

Which program are you interested in?

Sign up here for APU's Graduate School Online Application System.

Do you possess Japanese nationality, including Japanese dual nationality, at the time of your application?

You are considered a Japanese/domestic applicant, regardless of your place of residence or standard language.

Contact the Office of Domestic Admissions ([email protected]) to find out how to apply or for further information. However, if you are in the process of renouncing your Japanese nationality, consult with the Office of Domestic Admissions before submitting your application. If one of your parents has Japanese nationality, there is a possibility that you also have Japanese nationality. Be sure to confirm this in advance.

Do you have permanent residency status in Japan at the time of your application?

You are considered a Japanese/domestic applicant. You are eligible for the Domestic Student Entrance Examination regardless of your place of residence or standard language.

Contact the Office of Domestic Admissions ([email protected]) to find out how to apply or further information.

You are considered as an international applicant. Do you wish to enroll as a Japanese-basis or English-basis student?

Sign up here for the APU Online Application System for undergraduate English-basis international applicants.



Should I make an APU Online Application System account even if I haven’t decided to apply to APU yet?

Yes! You will be able to not only apply to APU, but also receive up-to-date event information and application schedule from APU by registering with our online application system.

I've never been to Japan and I don't speak Japanese. Can I still study at APU?

Yes! Many of our English-basis international students have never visited Japan or studied Japanese before studying to APU. Almost all courses at APU are offered in both English and Japanese, meaning applicants only need proficiency in one of these languages at the time of enrollment.

I would like to know more about APU.

Watch our YouTube video "Fast Facts About a Bilingual University in Japan" to catch a glimpse of APU!

APU Online Application System

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