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How to Apply

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2021 Application

Admissions Policy

While enrolled at APU, undergraduate students are expected to take advantage of every opportunity presented by the university's multicultural campus, in addition to taking classes, in order to acquire the knowledge, skills and attitudes required to contribute to the world once they graduate. Undergraduate students are also expected to contribute to the learning of the entire university community by actively engaging in exchange on the multicultural campus.

As such, new undergraduate students must possess the following skills in order to engage in this kind of learning:
1)Basic Japanese or English communication skills;
2)Strong desire and aptitude to learn the non-basis language;
3)Required basic knowledge for university-level learning;
4)Analytical skills, creativity and aptitude to solve real problems;
5)Motivation to actively take advantage of all learning opportunities with which one is presented with;
6)Aptitude for coexistence in a multicultural environment.

Furthermore, students in each College must possess the following skills.
① College of Asia Pacific Studies
1)Ability to integrate large amounts of information, think about things from multiple angles and frame one's opinions;
2)Interest in the societies and cultures of the Asia Pacific region;
3)Insight into the society of the 21st century.

②College of International Management
1)Interest in business;
2)Strong ethical outlook and interest in developing the Asia Pacific region through business;
3)Insight into the society of the 21st century.

To comprehensively assess the aforementioned knowledge, skills and motivations at the time of admissions, APU will use multifaceted screening methods and admit those students deemed compatible with the APU style of learning.