For Internal Applicants

Admissions Guidelines for Current APU / Ritsumeikan University Students (April / September 2019 Enrollment)

Internal Applicants (current APU / Ritsumeikan University students) have several opportunities to apply to APU's Graduate Schools. Please read through the guidelines below and the Application Handbook before applying. You are strongly encouraged to discuss your graduate school plans with your current professors.

1. Screening Schedule

April 2019 Enrollment

Program Application Deadline Result Notification
Master's Programs September 26, 2018 (Wed) November 5, 2018 (Mon)
October 24, 2018 (Wed) December 10, 2018 (Mon)
November 28, 2018 (Wed) January 21, 2019 (Mon)
Doctoral Program October 24, 2018 (Wed) December 10, 2018 (Mon)
November 28, 2018 (Wed) January 21, 2019 (Mon)

September 2019 Enrollment

Program Application Deadline Result Notification
Master's Programs

*Including the
IMAT Program
November 28, 2018 (Wed) January 21, 2019 (Mon)
February 27, 2019 (Wed) April 8, 2019 (Mon)
April 3, 2019 (Wed) May 20, 2019 (Mon)
May 22, 2019 (Wed) July 1, 2019 (Mon)
Doctoral Program April 3, 2019 (Wed) May 20, 2019 (Mon)
May 22, 2019 (Wed) July 1, 2019 (Mon)

2. Student Intake

Graduate School / Major / Program Intake per Year* Regular Admissions
Graduate School of Asia Pacific Studies (GSA)
Master's in Asia Pacific Studies (APS)
International Relations (IR) 15 April/September
Society and Culture (SC)
Master's in International Cooperation Policy (ICP)
International Public Administration (IPA) 45 April/September
Public Health Management (PHM)
Sustainability Science (SS)
Tourism and Hospitality (TH)
Development Economics (DE)
Dual Degree Program -
International Material Flow Management (IMAT) Program
September Only
Doctor of Philosophy
Asia Pacific Studies 10 April/September
Graduate School of Management (GSM)
Business Administration (MBA)
Japanese Management (JM) 40 April/September
Accounting and Finance (AF)
Marketing and Management (MM)
Innovation and Operations Management (IOM)

*The student intake numbers represent all application categories combined.

3. Admissions Requirements

Applicants MUST fulfill all of the following requirements.
①Students who are scheduled to graduate from APU or Ritsumeikan University directly before enrolling into the Graduate School. Students who have a cumulative GPA of 3.00 and above (APU) or 3.50 and above (Ritsumeikan University) are preferred.
②Students must possess the ability to comprehend lectures, undertake independent research, and produce well written reports in English. Submission of one of the following scores is recommended but not compulsory:
TOEFL iBT® - 80 points or above
TOEFL® PBT - 550 points or above
TOEFL® ITP - 550 points or above*
TOEIC® L&R - 780 points or above
TOEIC® IP - 780 points or above*
IELTS (Academic) - 6.0 or above
PTE Academic - 50 points or above
Cambridge English Language Assessment - FCE Grade B or above
* Only Institutional Test Scores from APU or Ritsumeikan University can be accepted.
③MBA applicants MUST submit GMAT or GRE test scores.

4. Required Documents

Please refer to the Admissions Handbook and Application Form - For All Graduate School Applicants (also available at the Admissions Office).

5. Video Interview

All applicants must complete an interview when applying to APU. This interview will be conducted in the form of a recorded online video interview. After submitting the online application, APU will contact applicants via email with instructions regarding how to submit the video interview.

6. Screening Method

All applicants are evaluated based on the information provided in their application and the video interview. If deemed necessary, the Admissions Office may also carry out the following: contact the applicant’s previous education institution or the person who wrote the Letter of Recommendation; ask the applicant for an explanation regarding their original submitted documents; require the applicant to submit additional documents relating to academic background, transcripts and/or language proficiency. Applicants who pass the initial document screening may also be required to attend an interview conducted by APU as part of the application process.

7. Application Submission

Please submit or send all application documents directly to APU Admissions Office.

【Postal Address】      1-1, Jumonjibaru, Beppu, Oita 874-8577
Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University
Admissions Office (International)
【Direct Submission】 Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University, 2nd floor, Building A
Admissions Office (International)

8. Enrollment Procedures Fee and Tuition Fee Reduction

(1)Application Fee:
a. Credit card       36,800 JPY
b. Bank Transfer   35,000 JPY
* Please refer to the “Admissions Handbook and Application Form” for further information.

(2)Admission Fee: Not required

(3)Tuition Fee:GSA         2,800,000 JPY (for 2 years)
 GSM         3,600,000 JPY (for 2 years)
 Doctoral   4,200,000 JPY (for 3 years)
* Students who do not complete the program within the standard period of completion will be required to pay extra fees.

(4)Comprehensive Renters’ Insurance:Master's   8,540 JPY (for 2 years)
Doctoral   12,380 JPY(for 3 years)
* Only for students who obtain a Student Visa before enrollment. For more details, refer to the Admissions Handbook.
* Students who will enroll in the IMAT program will only need to pay 4,710 JPY for the first year in Japan.
(5)AP House Entrance Fee:
From 2018 onwards, the residence designated for graduate students is AP House 4 which is located off-campus in downtown Beppu.
April Enrollment September Enrollment
Moving in Fee (*1) 33,000 JPY 33,000 JPY
Security Deposit (*2) 98,000 JPY 98,000 JPY
Rent (*3) 98,000 JPY 73,500 JPY
Total 229,000 JPY 204,500 JPY
  • *1The moving in fee is non-refundable under any circumstances.
  • *2The security deposit serves as a guarantee. In case of non-payment of AP House fees, or any damage done to the room during the period of stay, charges will be deducted from the security deposit, and the remaining amount will be returned upon moving out of the dormitory.
  • *3April enrollees are required to pay 2 months rent in advance (April and May). September enrollees are required to pay 1.5 months rent in advance (From mid-September to end of October).
(6)Other Fees:
IMAT students must pay a Program Fee of 200,000 yen per year. This fee must be paid when completing enrollment procedures. There are also Administration Fees of approximately 172 EURO (amount subject to change) per semester during the third and fourth semesters to Trier University of Applied Sciences, Environmental-Campus Birkenfeld. There will also be other fees for the second year which will be spent in Germany, and the details of these fees will be announced after enrollment.
(7)APU Tuition Reduction Scholarship
The Tuition Reduction Scholarship at APU ranges from 30% to 100% and will be awarded to outstanding students only (Japanese nationals included). This scholarship only covers the least amount of credits required to graduate within the standard period of time. The scholarship results notification will be included in the admissions results package.

Total Tuition Fees to be borne by the student depending on the amount of scholarship received:
Scholarship Award 30% 50% 65% 80% 100%
GSA 1,960,000 JPY 1,400,000 JPY 980,000 JPY 560,000 JPY None
GSM 2,520,000 JPY 1,800,000 JPY 1,260,000 JPY 720,000 JPY None
Doctoral 2,940,000 JPY 2,100,000 JPY 1,470,000 JPY 840,000 JPY None

9. Contact

Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University, 2nd floor, Building A
Admissions Office (International)
Address :1-1, Jumonjibaru, Beppu, Oita 874-8577
TEL :0977-78-1119    FAX :0977-78-1121