Admitted Applicants

Congratulations on being accepted to APU! Here are the general steps for enrollment.

Congratulations on your acceptance to APU!
In order to enroll, you must complete the enrollment procedures by the stipulated deadlines.

Admitted Applicants

1 Enrollment Procedure 1 ▼

Enrollment Procedure 1

Please pay your Admission Fee by the deadline to complete Enrollment Procedure 1.

Admission Fee:

2 Enrollment Procedure 2 ▼

Enrollment Procedure 2

Please pay your tuition, comprehensive renters’ insurance and AP House entrance fee (and others if applicable) by the deadline to complete Enrollment Procedure 2.

Partial Tuition:
350,000JPY * - Graduate School of Asia Pacific Studies
450,000JPY* - Graduate School of Management
*Amount due depends on scholarship
Comprehensive Renters' Insurance:
12,370JPY - Doctoral program
8,540JPY - Master’s program
4,710JPY - IMAT Program
AP House Entrance Fee:
229,000JPY - April Enrollment
204,500JPY - September Enrollment
Advance Payment of Fees:
applicable enrollees need to pay the whole tuition and other fees for their first year of study in order to complete Enrollment Procedure 2.

3 Document Submission ▼

Document Submission

Please submit all necessary documents by the deadline.

Once Enrollment Procedures 1 and 2 have been completed and all necessary documents have been received by APU, the process to obtain a student visa will begin.

4 Student Visa ▼

Student Visa
  • For those living outside Japan who need to obtain a student visa, once you have obtained all necessary documents, including the Certificate of Eligibility and Notification of Admission Approval, please apply for a student visa at a Japanese embassy/consulate near you.
  • For those living in Japan and who already possess a student visa, please change your address and/or renew your visa as necessary.

5 Arriving at APU ▼

Arriving at APU

Please confirm your travel itinerary to Japan and apply for Arrival Assistance using the request form. (See link under "Additional Information" below.)
Period of Arrival Assistance:

  • 2019 April Enrollment: March 22, (Fri) - 23, 2019 (Sat)
  • 2019 September Enrollment: September 13, (Fri) - 15, 2019 (Sun)

    Time: 10:00 - 19:00*

    *Please plan to arrive at AP House within the above time frame.
    If you will not be able to reach AP House by 19:00 on the arrival assistance day, please come after 10:00am the following day. It is not possible to move into AP House before 10:00 or after 19:00.

6 Enrollment/Orientation ▼


Please attend important orientation events including language placement tests, course registration, scholarship guidance sessions, etc. The schedule is as follows:

  • 2019 April Enrollment:
    Entrance Ceremony: April 1, 2019 (Mon)
    Orientation: Spring 2019 Schedule
  • 2019 September Enrollment:
    Entrance Ceremony: September 20, 2019 (Fri)
    Orientation: Fall 2019 Schedule

Additional Information