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Enrollment Procedures (2024)

Enrollment Procedures 2024

Below are the general enrollment procedures for applicants admitted to APU. Details will be provided to successful applicants by email.

To complete the enrollment procedures, admitted applicants must submit the required documents by a designated deadline, pay the required fees, and enter the information necessary to apply for a Certificate of Eligibility (COE)—a document required for those currently residing outside Japan who wish to obtain a student visa.

Enrollment Procedures

Complete the following steps in the Online Enrollment Procedures System. Access to the system will be provided together with your admissions results.

1. Enrollment Fee 1 Payment

  • Admission Fee: 200,000 JPY

A non-refundable fee of 200,000 JPY is required of all students who wish to enroll at APU, regardless of scholarship amount. Please be sure to pay the admission fee only after you have firmly decided to enroll at APU and have made a clear financial plan to cover expenses incurred both before and after enrollment. Internal applicants, APU graduates, and Ritsumeikan University graduates are not required to pay the admission fee.

2. Document Submission

    • 1.Online Enrollment Procedures System    SUBMIT ONLINE

      Complete the required information within the Online Enrollment Procedures System:

      • 1) Enrollment Procedures Checklist
      • 2) Student Information Card and Photograph
      • 3) Confirmation of Residence at AP House
      • 4) PDF upload of the completed Student Health Questionnaire (including Measles and Rubella Vaccination History)
      • 5) Copy of valid passport (if you need to apply for a student visa and did not submit a copy of your passport at the time of application to APU)
      • 6) Comprehensive Insurance for International Students Application
      • 7) Complete the COE Application Information (if you need to apply for a student visa)
      • 8) Additional PDF uploads of documents 15), 16), 17), 18), and 19) below

    • 2. Original Versions of Application Documents  SEND BY POST
      • 9) Academic Transcripts (original certificate or certified document1)
      • 10) University Graduation Certificate(s) or Certificate of Scheduled Graduation (if submitted at the time of application) (original certificate or certified document1)
      • 11) Document Proving English Proficiency
        Required only if you submitted one of the following documents at the time of application:
        • Certificate of completing a bachelor’s or master’s degree program offered in English (original certificate or certified document1)
        • TOEIC® L&R Test Results (original certificate or certified document1)
      • 12) Certificate of Employment (original certificate or certified document1)
      • 13) Translated versions of documents (original only2)

      APU will not return any of the submitted documents, regardless of the certificate type. Therefore, you should submit certified documents for original documents that cannot be reissued. Please note that submitted certificates will be discarded under APU's Document Preservation Regulation.

    • 3. Enrollment Documents for All Admitted Applicants  SEND BY POST
      • 14) Two identical photographs
      • 15) Financial Plan
      • 16) Statement of Financial Support (original only1)
      • 17) Documents to prove financial sponsor's income and/or financial sponsor's bank account balance statement (original only1)
      • 18) Translated versions of documents2
      • 19) Additional documents requested by APU

    • 1A certified document is one that has been marked as being equivalent to the original with a stamp or seal by the issuing institution (preferred) or a notary public.
      2An English or Japanese translation is required for the above documents if they were issued in a language other than English or Japanese. Please submit an official translation that includes the translator's name, address, contact details, and signature or official seal. APU will only accept translations created by the original document's issuing institution, a translation company, or a licensed translator.

3. Enrollment Fee 2 Payment

You must pay your first semester tuition, AP House entrance fee, and Comprehensive Renters' Insurance fee before your payment deadline. Please refer to your Invoice for Required Enrollment Fees and Procedures document for the amount.

  • First Semester Tuition

    You must pay your first semester's tuition before enrolling. The tuition will vary according to your APU Tuition Reduction Scholarship percentage. Please refer to the Invoice for Required Enrollment Fees and Procedures for the amount.

  • AP House Entrance Fee

    This is the entrance fee for the student housing facility at APU called AP House 3 or AP House 4, the graduate student housing provided by APU. For the fee breakdown, please refer to the Tuition and Fees page.

    AP House 3
     • April enrollment: 165,000 JPY
     • September enrollment: 148,500 JPY

    AP House 4
     • April enrollment: 229,000 JPY
     • September enrollment: 204,500 JPY

  • Comprehensive Renters’ Insurance for International Students

    This insurance is for protection in case of liability, and all international students who reside in Japan with a student visa must enter this insurance plan. For more information, please refer to the Guide to Comprehensive Renters’ Insurance for International Students Studying in Japan found in the Online Enrollment Procedures System. (Fees are subject to change. Even if you do not live in AP House, you must still pay the Comprehensive Renters' Insurance fee.)

     • Doctoral Program: 13,400 JPY
     • Master's Program: 9,250 JPY
     • IMAT Program: 5,120 JPY

  • IMAT Program Fee

    In addition to tuition, IMAT students must pay a program fee of 100,000 JPY.

4. Student Visa, Arrival at APU, and Orientation

  • Student Visa
    To apply for a student visa, students need a Certificate of Eligibility (COE), which APU will apply for on behalf of the student. Once the applicant has completed all enrollment procedures, the university will submit the COE application to the Japanese Immigration Bureau. Once the COE has been issued, APU will send the document to the incoming student by post. Most incoming students can expect to receive their COE from late February to mid-March for April enrollment or late July to early September for September enrollment. Your COE application status can be viewed in the Online Enrollment Procedures System. As the COE issue date varies by student and year, we cannot guarantee that each student will receive their COE during the abovementioned months.
  • Arrival at APU

    Please make your flight arrangements after checking the AP House move-in period scheduled by APU as shown below:

    General Move-In Period (subject to change)
    April enrollment: end of March
    September enrollment: mid-September

  • Orientation and Entrance Ceremony

    The entrance ceremony for April enrollees will be held in early April, and the entrance ceremony for September enrollees will be held in late September.
    After arrival on campus, a series of important guidance sessions are held to help students start their life at APU. During these sessions, students will receive their student ID card and other documents, open a bank account, undergo a mandatory health check-up, and receive information on how to register for classes. Please be sure to attend the sessions that apply to you.

  • 5. Useful Links

    The following links contain useful information regarding student life, finances, housing, and part-time work:

    Admissions FAQ
    Money Matters
    Graduate Student Housing
    On-Campus Student Job Center (APU Student Office)