Career Opportunities

Graduate students have access to and support from a worldwide network which consists of international heads of state, ambassadors and industry leaders (Advisory Committee), distinguished researchers from around the world (Academic Advisors) and institutions associated with APU’s faculty members. This network also includes APU alumni who are spread across the world working in an array of fields and industries. Utilizing this network is indispensable for our students’ careers.

Numerous seminars, workshops and presentations by professionals working in the field today give students a clear picture of the kind of career options available to them, skills employers look for and the type of work that suits them best. Faculty and students also provide various consultation services to local industries and have the opportunity to interact with executives at the front lines of change.

Many international and Japanese companies and organizations find APU’s international students highly employable with their multilingual skills and in-depth knowledge of their chosen field. As a result, more than 350 companies visit APU’s campus specifically to recruit students every year. APU offers detailed career education and training to all students throughout their period of study.

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