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Student Visa Application

How to Obtain a Student Visa

You are required to obtain a student visa or another status of residence (not including short-term) in order to live and study in Japan. If you were awarded an APU Tuition Reduction Scholarship, it is compulsory that you hold a student visa in order to receive the scholarship. In the unlikely event that we are unable to confirm your visa status as student, the Tuition Reduction Scholarship will be automatically revoked.

APU will apply for a Certificate of Eligibility (COE) on your behalf as long as you meet all of the criteria below.

Step 1. Apply for a COE

In order to obtain a student visa, you must first acquire the COE, which is officially issued by the Japanese Immigration Bureau.

  • You have requested only APU to apply for a COE on your behalf
  • You have paid the Enrollment Fees 1 and 2 by the deadlines
  • You have submitted all your enrollment documents by the deadline and proved you have enough financial resources to support your studies
  • APU considers it appropriate to apply for the COE on your behalf

  • How to Apply for the COE:

    • 1)Carefully read and follow the instructions specified in the Enrollment Procedures Handbook
    • 2)Complete all the required information within the Online Enrollment Procedures System. Instructions for how to access the Online Enrollment Procedures System will be sent to you by email
    • 3) Submit all the required documents listed on page 7 and 8 of the Enrollment Procedures Handbook by the deadline specified in your Invoice for Required Enrollment Fees and Procedures


    • Fake documents and untrue statements will automatically result in withdrawal of admission even if you have officially enrolled at our university
    • As your COE will be issued by the Japanese Immigration Bureau and the student visa will be issued by the Japanese Embassy, APU is not responsible in the event that you are unable to obtain either of these
    • The Admission Fee will not be refunded under any circumstances
    • In the case that you plan on entering Japan with any other type of visa (such as a family visa, spouse visa, etc.), APU is unable to apply for the COE on your behalf
    • Once APU is able to confirm payment of necessary fees, your intent to enroll at APU, and that you agree to the conditions above, APU will proceed to apply for the COE on your behalf

    Step 2. Apply for a Student Visa

    After receiving your COE along with your Letter of Enrollment Approval from APU, you can apply for your student visa. There are a number of documents you must submit in order to apply for the student visa. If you live outside Japan, please take the following documents to your local Japanese Embassy or Consulate General. If you live in Japan, please take the following documents to your nearest Japanese Immigration Office.

    • Certificate of Eligibility for Status of Residence (COE)
    • Letter of Enrollment Approval
    • Passport
    • One Photograph (45mm square)
    • Other documents (Please see below for more information.)

    • Important:

      Required documents may differ depending on the country/region you reside in. As some of these documents may take time to prepare, please contact the Japanese Embassy/Consulate General (or local Immigration Office if you live in Japan) as early as possible for further information.