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For Admitted Applicants | APU Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University

Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University International Undergraduate Admissions

Admitted Applicants

Congratulations on being accepted to APU! Here are the general steps for enrollment.

Enrollment Procedures

1 Enrollment Fee 1 Payment ▼

  • Admission Fee: 200,000 JPY

A non-refundable fee of 200,000 JPY is required for all students (regardless of scholarship amount) to enroll at APU. Please be sure to pay the Admissions Fee only after you have firmly decided to enroll at APU and have made a clear and firm financial plan to cover your expenses both before and after your enrollment to APU.

For more detailed information please see the Enrollment Procedure Deadlines page.

2Document Submission ▼

Details regarding each of the required documents and where to submit them can be found on the Document Submission page.

Please be sure to submit all the necessary documents by the deadline. For more detailed information please see the Enrollment Procedure Deadlines page.

List of Enrollment Documents

  • 1.Online Enrollment Procedures System
    Submit the required information within the Online Enrollment Procedures System:
    • 1)PDF upload of the completed Enrollment Procedures Checklist
    • 2)Confirmation of Residence at AP House
    • 3)PDF upload of the completed Student Health Questionnaire (including Immunization Record of Measles and Rubella)
    • 4)Additional information and PDF uploads of documents 15), 16), 17), 18), 19), 20), 21), and 22) below

  • 2.Original Versions of Application Documents SEND BY POST
    • 5)Academic Transcripts (Original certificate or certified document1)
    • 6)Standardized Test Results (Original certificate or certified document1)
      Required if you submitted standardized tests results with your application and did not request to send your results to APU directly from the test provider.
    • 7)Letter of Recommendation (Original only)
      Required if your referee did not send it to APU directly.
    • 8)Results of Language Proficiency Tests (Original only)
      Required if you submitted results for the TOEIC® L&R Test, EIKEN, or JLPT.
    • 9)Language Proficiency Evaluation Form (Original only)
      Required if you submitted a Language Proficiency Evaluation form with your application and your teacher did not send the form to APU directly.
    • 10)Translation Documents (Original only2)

  • 3.Enrollment Documents SEND BY POST
    • 11)Student Information Card
    • 12)Student Health Questionnaire (including Immunization Record of Measles and Rubella)
    • 13)Three identical photographs
    • 14)Copy of receipt(s) for Enrollment Fee 1 and Enrollment Fee 2 Payments
    • 15)Financial Plan
    • 16)Statement of Financial Support
    • 17)Documents to Prove Financial Sponsor's Income and/or Financial Sponsor's Bank Account Balance Statement
    • 18)Copy of Valid Passport (if you need a student visa)
    • 19)Certificate of Graduation or Completion from the last educational institution you attended (Original certificate or certified document1)

      First Year Students:
      If you have not received your graduation certificate yet or have not submitted a Certificate of Expected Graduation, you must submit one with your required documents. We only accept official certificates issued from your school or the official form available for download on our website. (If you submit a Certificate of Expected Graduation, you must also submit your final graduation certificate before enrollment.)

      Transfer Students:
      Transfer students must also submit their most recent academic transcripts. If you have not yet graduated from the higher education institution you studied at before transferring to APU, you may submit only your most recent academic transcripts by the document submission deadline.
    • 20)Translation Documents2
    • 21)Additional documents APU asks you to submit
    • 22)Comprehensive Renter's Insurance for International Students Application Form

  • 1A certified document is one that has been marked as being equivalent to the original with a stamp or seal by the issuing institution (preferred) or a notary public.

    2English or Japanese translations are required for any of the above documents written in languages other than English or Japanese. Pease submit an official translation that includes the translator's name, address, contact details, and signature or official seal. APU will only accept translations created by the original document's issuing institution, a translation company, or a licensed translator.

3Enrollment Fee 2 Payment ▼

You must pay the Partial Tuition Fee, AP House Entrance Fee, and Comprehensive Renters' Insurance before your payment deadline. For more detailed information please see the Enrollment Procedure Deadlines page.

  • Partial Tuition Fee
    The partial tuition fee amount varies according to your APU Tuition Reduction scholarship percentage. Please refer to the Invoice for Required Enrollment Fees and Procedures for the amount.
  • AP House Entrance Fee
    This is the entrance fee for the student housing facility at APU called AP House. New students are required to stay in AP House for their first year (approximately 11 months).
     • April enrollment: 228,000 JPY
     • September enrollment: 203,500 JPY
  • Comprehensive Renters’ Insurance
    This insurance is for protection in case of liability, and all international students who possess a student visa need to join this program. For more information, please refer to the Guide to Comprehensive Renters’ Insurance for International Students Studying in Japan.
     • First Year Student: 17,010 JPY
     • Second Year Student: 13,010 JPY
     • Third Year Student: 8,980 JPY
  • Advance Payment of Fees (Only Required for Certain Nationalities)
    The Advance Payment of Fees system requires students of certain nationalities intending to enter APU to pay the full amount of their tuition expenses and AP House rent for their first year of studies before applying for a Certificate of Eligibility. This system provides assurance to the Japanese Government Bureau and APU that the student has sufficient financial resources to study abroad at APU. Please refer to the Invoice for Required Enrollment Fees and Procedures to see if you are required to pay the Advance Payment of Fees.

Once Enrollment Fee 1 and 2 have been paid and all necessary documents have been received by APU, the process to obtain a student visa will begin.

4Student Visa ▼

  • If you live outside Japan and will need a student visa, please follow the steps listed on the Student Visa Application page in order to obtain your student visa.

  • If you live in Japan and already possess a student visa, please review the information on the Renewing Your Student Visa page. In addition to renewing your student visa, there are other procedures you will need to complete.

  • In all other cases, please contact the Admissions Office immediately at

5Arriving at APU ▼

Please prepare to arrive at APU during the AP House move-in period. For more detailed information please see the Preparing to Travel to APU and AP House Information page.

The exact dates of the move-in period will be announced in November of the preceding year for April enrollment and in May for September enrollment.

2020 April Enrollment: March 25, (Wed) - 26, 2020 (Thu)

AP House move-in hours: 10:00 - 19:00

Please confirm your travel itinerary to Japan and apply for Arrival Assistance using the request form. (See link under "Additional Information" below.)

Period of Arrival Assistance:

*Please plan to arrive at AP House within the above time frame.
If you will not be able to reach AP House by 19:00 on the arrival assistance day, please come after 10:00am the following day. It is not possible to move into AP House before 10:00 or after 19:00.

6 Orientation ▼

After arriving at APU, please attend important orientation events, including language placement tests, course registration, and scholarship guidance sessions.

The orientation schedule will be posted closer to the date of enrollment.

Additional Information