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Japanese Language Education

Japanese Language Education

The Japanese language education program at APU assists students through the phases of their studies, from basic hiragana characters to complex sentence structures and beyond. After arrival, but before regular classes begin, students undergo a 1-week long intensive hiragana and katakana training session, which teaches the two basic writing systems of the Japanese language. With these preparations, students are able to start their classes with a basic understanding of the Japanese writing system. Students who wish to apply for transfer admissions, please refer to the transfer admissions page.

Japanese Subjects

For English-basis students, the starting level of Japanese language courses will be based on the results of the placement test taken at the time of enrollment.

  • 1. When beginning from "Japanese Foundation Course I", students will be registered for "Japanese Foundation Course I, II and III." (12 classes per week)
  • 2. When beginning from "Japanese Foundation Course II", students will be registered for "Japanese Foundation Course II and III." (8 classes per week)
  • 3. When beginning from "Japanese Foundation Course III", students will be registered for "Japanese Foundation Course III" only. (4 classes per week)
  • Until all required Japanese courses for the language graduation requirement are completed, the University will continue to automatically register for and assign students to classes. When retaking the same course a student will not necessarily be registered for the same instructor or class. This registration may not be changed or cancelled.

Language for Specific Purposes

This group of subjects is offered to students who have completed the Japanese courses required for graduation and wish to develop their language ability further. As each course has its own prerequisites and recommended language levels.

Japanese Subjects List
Subject Name Prerequisite Subjects Required / Elective
Japanese Foundation Course I   Required
Japanese Foundation Course II
Japanese Foundation Course III
Japanese Intermediate Course Japanese Foundation Course I・II・III
Pre-Advanced Japanese Japanese Intermediate Course Elective
Advanced Japanese Pre-Advanced Japanese
Japanese Project A・B・C・D Japanese Intermediate Course
Japanese Project E・F Advanced Japanese
Japanese for Lectures
Japanese Language and Culture I
Japanese Language and Culture II Japanese Language and Culture I
Career Japanese I Advanced Japanese
Career Japanese II Career Japanese I
Career Japanese III Career Japanese II