Tuition and Fees
(2019 Enrollment)


Tuition payments are semester-based and comprise of a fixed tuition (referred to as Tuition A) and tuition per course credit (referred to as Tuition B). Tuition A is 370,000 JPY while Tuition B is 21,000 JPY per registered course credit. Generally, students need to earn at least 124 academic credits over four years to graduate from APU. The annual tuition stated above is calculated using a standard credit model of 28 credits for the first year and 32 credits for the second, third and fourth year, respectively. Tuition for each individual differs according to the awarded APU Tuition Reduction Scholarship percentage.

  First Year Second Year Third Year Fourth Year
Standard Credit Model 28 32 32 32
Tuition 1,328,000 JPY 1,412,000 JPY 1,412,000 JPY 1,412,000 JPY

Enrollment Procedure Fees

To enroll at APU, payment of the Admission Fee, Partial Tuition for Semester 1, AP House Entrance Fee, Comprehensive Renters, Insurance and Advanced Payment of Fees (if applicable) is necessary. Please ensure you have sufficient financial means before application. For admitted applicants, the invoice for the enrollment procedure fees will be sent along with the application result. Prospective enrollees must pay the fees stated in the invoice before the payment deadlines in order to enroll at the university.

Admission Fee

130,000 JPY

Payment of Partial Tuition for Semester 1

APU Tuition Reduction Scholarship Percentage 0% 30% 50% 65% 80% 100%
Partial Tuition Due Before Enrollment 370,000 JPY 259,000 JPY 185,000 JPY 129,500 JPY 74,000 JPY 0 JPY

Comprehensive Renters' Insurance Fee

First Year Students 16,200 JPY
Second Year Transfer Students 12,380 JPY
Third Year Transfer Students 8,540 JPY
In case of accidents arising to compensations, all international students are to join the insurance program designated by the university.
Please refer to the issued "Guide to Comprehensive Renters' Insurance for International Students Studying in Japan", sent together with your application result.

AP House Entrance Fee

April Enrollment 228,000 JPY
September Enrollment 203,500 JPY

To allow international students to adapt to life in Japan without any worries, the university has set up the student dormitory, AP House, for multi-cultural exchange and the learning of languages.
* This fee is required from all students, regardless of scholarship amount.
* First-year students are required to stay in AP House for their first year of studies (approx. 11 months).

Breakdown of AP House Entrance Fee

  April Enrollees September Enrollees
Moving in Fee (*1) 32,000 JPY 32,000 JPY
Security Deposit (*2) 98,000 JPY 98,000 JPY
Rent (*3) 98,000 JPY 73,500 JPY
Total 228,000 JPY 203,500 JPY

Advance Payment of Fees (Only required for certain nationalities)

Please check this page for more details.