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Students from Bahrain visit APU

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Students from Bahrain visit APU

This winter, 12 students came to our campus from Bahrain for a short-term Japanese language program. These students, who are currently studying Japanese in Bahrain, were on campus from January 26 to February 6. They were in Japan on a program designed to give them a chance to experience Japan and motivate them in their studies of the language.

The program comprised of Japanese language classes, a three-day field trip to Nagasaki, company visits, a tour of Kitsuki City and also traditional Japanese flower arranging and tea ceremony classes. Through these activities, the students were able to deepen their cultural understanding and experience some of the intricacies of Japanese society first hand.

On the final day of the program, the students from Bahrain joined APU students to make presentations about their experiences and discoveries. They introduced the history of their nation and elements of Middle Eastern culture.

This trip was a positive experience for all the participants. If you are a teacher or counselor interested in designing a custom program in collaboration with APU, visit the Academic Office website at


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