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APU and African Leadership Academy: The Journey Begins

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APU and African Leadership Academy: The Journey Begins

We are pleased to announce that APU and the African Leadership Academy (ALA) have completed an agreement which will facilitate the admission of ALA students to APU. The agreement was completed at a signing ceremony held at APU on the afternoon of January 21st.

This momentous occasion marks a new milestone in the relationship between APU and Africa. African Leadership Academy is a residential, secondary institution located in Johannesburg, South Africa, that caters primarily to 15-18 year olds from all 54 African nations. It offers a two-year curriculum in African Studies and Entrepreneurial Leadership, in addition to the usual academic core subjects. Its mission to develop the next generation of African leaders is in perfect alignment with APU’s goal of nurturing global leaders.

The agreement was signed by APU Dean of admissions, Yuichi Kondo and ALA Director of University Guidance, Chemeli Kipkorir. Ms. Kipkorir’s stay lasted until January 24, in which time she was able to observe some classes, meet with students, attend a special lecture and experience the African Week Grand Show. When asked for her thoughts, Ms. Kipkorir expressed deep satisfaction in the motivation of APU’s diverse body of students and could draw many parallels with students at ALA.

We hope that this will be the first step towards a stronger and more sustainable relationship with Africa. ALA students: see you in Japan!

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