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New Year, New Campus Experiences​

This spring APU welcomes three newcomers to our mountain top campus, the College of Sustainability and Tourism, Green Commons (a new academic building) and AP House 5 (a residential hall). The plan for these new buildings has been in the making since 2021 to accommodate the increase in students while expanding our dedication to the creation of a greener future for everyone. With the construction of these buildings coming to a close this month, we would like to show you what students can look forward to in their future academic pursuits.

Green Commons

Common Area

Our new academic building, Green Commons, was built with the new college’s ideals of a sustainable, renewable and green future. Local wood from Oita prefecture were utilized to capture the essence of this new program. The main floor was designed with an open concept with multiple areas for both quiet study spaces and small group work areas called “Green Commons Stage” and "Satoyama Galley." In this space, students relax in a clean space including views of the campus and Beppu city from above.

Satoyama Gallery Green Commons Stage

Collaborative Classrooms

Constructed with collaborative academic work in mind, classrooms in the new building have been created to promote communication and the sharing of ideas amongst students. Students can develop skills in research and problem-based learning in real-world settings while participating in group-work discussions. The J101 classroom was designed specifically to assist with presentations to companies in hands-on problem solving lessons with an observation floor. These special classrooms seat up to 64 students nurturing international communication, sharing of ideas and innovated investigative processes.

Classroom J20 Second floor hallway Classroom J101

Inclusive and Accessible Design​

When designing this new building, APU made certain to create a building that was both accessible and inclusive for students from any background. An overarching goal of the design language of Green Commons draws a common thread through comfort and inclusivity. This echoes in subtle design cues throughout the building's various spaces. Ease of study and the freedom to unwind make this an ideal environment for rest or study. Equipped with multiple accessible toilets located on every floor, elevators and automatic doors, students of all mobility levels can attend and study in this new building.

Private high-back study seats Inclusive Restrooms Second floor accessible toilet

From Studying, to Collaboration to Meeting Spaces

Students may find additional points of interest for this new building including a café, faculty offices, and small group study spaces. The new building will include a café equipped with a small kitchen for a more relaxed atmosphere. Students will also have easier access to new faculty offices located on the third floor with conference tables and discussion spaces included in the design. After visiting the café or faculty offices, students will be able to relax and study in the various study spaces spread out throughout the entire building.

Cozy Commons 2​ Faculty Offices​ Cafe Commons​

With the official opening of this building planned for the beginning of April, we look forward to seeing you there to experience this new space with you.

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