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APU Overview

  • 2021 Graduate Prospectus File size: 20.25MB

  • Graduate School of Asia Pacific Leaflet File size: 9.61MB

  • Graduate School of Management Leaflet File size: 7.20MB

  • Dual Degree Program (IMAT) Leaflet File size: 13.05MB

Application Guidelines

  • 2021 Graduate Application Handbook File size: 1.20MB

Application Forms

  • 2022 Admissions Support Request Form for Students with Disabilities (English) wordFile size: 0.03MB

  • 2021 Supervisor Confirmation Letter for Doctoral Applicants wordFile size: 0.05MB

  • Certified Documents File size: 0.12MB

  • Request to Make a Change to an Application excelFile size: 0.03MB