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APU Overview

  • Graduate School Flyer File size: 11.28MB

  • Graduate Prospectus File size: 10.26MB

  • Graduate School of Asia Pacific Studies File size: 12.70MB

  • IMAT Dual Degree Program File size: 18.69MB

  • MBA Graduate School of Management File size: 6.06MB

Application Guidelines

  • Notes on Creating Research Proposal & Study Plan File size: 0.08MB

  • 2024 Application Checklist File size: 0.09MB

  • 2024 Graduate Application Handbook File size: 0.74MB

Application Forms

  • Certified Documents and Translation File size: 0.24MB

  • Supervisor Confirmation Letter for Doctoral Applicants wordFile size: 0.05MB

  • 2024 Admissions Support Request Form for Students with Disabilities wordFile size: 0.03MB