External Scholarships

Overseas applicants to APU Graduate Schools who meet certain criteria can apply for the scholarships listed below. Please read the information contained in this page carefully and apply for the appropriate scholarship(s). This page should be read in addition to the Admissions Handbook for APU Graduate Schools.

List of Scholarships and Qualifying Academic Programs at APU (2019 intake)

(Top Global University)


APS International Relations (IR)
Society and Culture (SC)
ICP International Public Administration (IPA)
Public Health Management (PHM)
Sustainability Science (SS)
Dual Master's Degree Program in International Material Flow Management(IMAT) × × ×
Tourism and Hospitality (TH)
Development Economics (DE)
MBA Japanese Management (JM)
Marketing and Management (MM)
Accounting and Finance (AF)
Innovation and Operations Management (IOM)
× ×
Doctoral Program Asia Pacific Studies × × ×

Application Process

Before you submit:
After you submit:
  • 1. Applicants who are selected by APU will be recommended to the appropriate scholarship organizations.
  • 2. Final decisions regarding scholarship awards will be made by the scholarship organizations. Applicants who are not awarded an external scholarship will be considered for the APU Tuition Reduction Scholarship instead if they submit the APU Tuition Reduction Scholarship Application Essay at the time of application.

Eligibility Requirements for All External Scholarship Applicants

Please refer to the Application Handbook together with each organizations' Eligibility Requirements.

Application Fee

The fee amount is 3,500 JPY for credit card payments and 5,000 JPY for bank transfers. See the Admissions Handbook for payment instructions. The fee must be paid by the application deadline. Unpaid applications will not be screened. It is preferred that you pay the application fee by credit card. You may pay by bank transfer ONLY if you cannot pay by credit card. If you are applying through a third party such as an embassy, employer, or university, please make sure there is an understanding of who will pay the fee. The fee must be received for each applicant, regardless of the organization which is recommending them to APU.


Other External Scholarships for 2019