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Scholarships Available After Enrollment

After enrollment, there are various scholarships available to outstanding enrolled graduate students. Some of the scholarship may be also available to admitted applicants in the process of enrolling at APU's graduate school. For a full list of scholarships available after enrollment, please see the Student Office's webpage. Please note that some of the scholarships listed on the website are only available for undergraduate students and that scholarship details may be provided only in Japanese.

Some of the scholarships available after entering APU

  • ASSURAN International Scholarship
  • Fuji Seal Scholarship
  • Hashiya Scholarship
  • Heiwa Nakajima Scholarship
  • INOAC International Education and Scholarship Foundation
  • ITO Foundation Scholarship
  • Iuchi Asia Scholarship
  • Japan-China Friendship Association Ariake Japan Scholarship
  • Japan-Taiwan Exchange Association Scholarship
  • JASSO - For Special Quota of Employment Support
  • JASSO Scholarship

  • Jasso Study in Japan Scholarship

  • JEES Shosu Scholarship
  • Kobayashi Scholarship
  • Korean Scholarship
  • Makita Jinichi Scholarship
  • Mitsubishi Corporation International Scholarship
  • Nitori Scholarship
  • Oita Prefecture Scholarship
  • Oita Rotary Club Scholarship
  • Otsuka Toshimi Scholarship
  • The Ryoichi Sasakawa Young Leaders Fellowship Fund

  • Sato Yo International Scholarship
  • SGH Foundation Scholarship
  • Sojitz Scholarship
  • Suzaki Scholarship
  • T. Banage India Scholarship
  • The Sakata Foundation Scholarship
  • Tatsunoko Scholarship
  • TOBE MAKI Scholarship Foundation
  • Toyota Tsusho Scholarship
  • Unicharm Kyosin Foundation Scholarship
  • YONEX Sports Foundation Scholarship

Other Scholarships Available After Enrollment

Scholarships available to international students for studying in Japan are also listed on the following website:
Independent Administrative Institution Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO)