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School Trip to Japan

School Trip to Japan


For teachers who wish to expose their students to an educational, but exciting and inspirational experience, Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University (APU) in partnership with the Japan Travel Bureau (JTB) presents a tailor-made school trip to Japan! As one of the largest travel agencies in Japan, JTB has decades of experiences in arranging memorable trips for all types of audiences. JTB offers a broad range of activities for your students to explore Japan’s culture, history, nature, and leisure activities*. No matter what your needs are, JTB will ensure that your students have a successful Japan experience. In addition to the activities you select, we invite your students to our campus to participate in learning Japanese culture and language. At APU’s international campus, where international students make up 50% of its total student body, your students can engage with students from 90 different countries and regions.

A travel representative from a local JTB office** in your country will work closely with you to discuss your needs to tailor a perfect school trip just for you and your students. A tour guide from JTB will then guide your party throughout your trip to ensure an engaging but hassle-free experience. APU and JTB will support you throughout the process to organize and conduct your trip to Japan to give your students an unforgettable and rewarding experience!

*Activities introduced on this website are held in Fukuoka and Oita, areas close to APU’s location. However, you can also customize your trip by choosing to visit other areas in Japan including but not limited to Tokyo, Osaka, and Kyoto (additional costs will apply). Whatever areas you decide to visit, JTB will provide available activity options to ensure a wonderful trip.

**JTB has branch offices all over the world. However, if JTB does not have a branch office in your country, a local travel agency affiliated with JTB will organize a trip for you.

Your Students can...

① Experience college life at Japan’s most multicultural university
② Meet APU students from all over the world
③ Learn about Japanese language and culture
④ Homestay at a local farm
⑤ Enjoy nature, hot springs, food, history and leisure activities in the Kyushu area

(Please note that in some particular circumstances, it is possible that these activities cannot be conducted.)

Example Intinerary

The below itinerary is only an example; JTB has other alternative activities available as well. Please refer to the list of “Alternative Activities in Oita and Fukuoka” following the example itinerary. You can also request a particular activity you want to engage in, and JTB will do their best to arrange it for you. For activities held in APU, APU will make arrangements for you.

Number of Guests Cost Per Person*
20 Students + 1 Chaperon 99,000 JPY (Approx. 890 USD)
10 Students + 1 Chaperon 129,000 JPY ( Approx. 1160 USD)
*The itinerary and the cost may change depending on the number of guests and the season.

  • Area: Oita and Fukuoka
  • Cost Includes:
  • ・Accommodation fee
    ・Transportation fee within Japan (flights to and from Japan not included)
    ・Three meals a day (except for the arrival/departure days)

    Day 1
    Arrive at Fukuoka Airport
    --> Travel to Oita
    Wear Yukata
    Beppu Bamboo Craft Class
    Wear Yukata and Explore a Quaint
    Samurai Town (Kitsuki)
    Beppu Bamboo Craft Class
    Umi-Jigoku (“Sea Hell”)
    Myoban Yunosato Hot Springs
    Myoban Yunosato Hot Springs
    Stay at APU’s Dormitory
    DAY 2
    Breakfast at APU’s Cafeteria
    Introduction to APU
    Japanese Language Class
    Lunch at APU’s Cafeteria
    Campus Tour
    Tea Ceremony
    Japanese Drum Lesson
    Tea Ceremony
    Japanese Drum Lesson
    Calligraphy Lesson
    Dinner in Downtown Beppu
    Stay in Beppu
    DAY 3
    Homestay in a Local Farm
    Calligraphy Lesson
    Homestay in a Local Farm
    DAY 4
    Travel to Fukuoka
    Dazaifu Tenmangu Shrine
    Open Top Bus tour
    Dazaifu Tenmangu Shrine
    Open Top Bus Tour
    Shopping in Hakata
    Stay in Fukuoka
    DAY 5
    Departure from Fukuoka Airport

    Alternative Activities in Oita and Fukuoka

    (Additional costs may apply depending on the activities.)

    APU ・Presentations from APU student organizations
    (APU has more than 140 student-led organizations!)
    ・Open discussion/Q&A session with APU students
    Leisure Activities ・Oita Marine Palace Aquarium “Umitamago” ・ Aso Kuju National Park (Kuju Flower Park)
    ・Mt. Takasaki Wild Monkey Park       ・Kijima Kogen Amusement Park
    ・African Safari                ・Kuju Forest Ski Park
    ・Tsukumi Dolphin Park            ・Sanrio Character Park “Harmonyland” etc.
    Nature ・Kokonoe Yume Grand Suspension Bridge・Beppu Ropeway (to the top of Mt. Tsurumi)
    ・Mt. Kuju Hike             ・Bungo-Ono Geopark
    ・Mt. Tsurumi Hike            ・Shinyabakei Gorge etc.
    Historical Landmarks ・Usa Jingu Shrine    ・Oka Castle Ruins
    ・Fukiji Temple       ・“Little Kyoto of Kyushu” Mamedamachi
    ・Usuki Stone Buddhas  ・Oita Prefectural Art Museum (OPAM)
    ・Nakatsu Castle     ・Oita Art Museum etc.
    Hot Springs Oita is the No.1 hot spring location in Japan!
    ・Tanayu of Suginoi Hotel,  ・Beppu Kaihin Beach Sand Bath
    ・Hyotan Onsen*      ・Kannawa Steam Bath
    ・Ebisunoyu*        ・Beppu Onsen Hoyo Land Mud Bath
    ・Sakurayu*        ・The Aqua Garden of Suginoi Hotel**
    ・Myoban Yunosato*    ・Kitahama Onsen Termas** etc.
    *Private hot springs are also available.
    ** Bathing suits are allowed.
    Shopping ・Amu Plaza Oita ・Park Place
    ・YouMe Town   ・Tokiwa (Main store), etc.
    Food ・Oita Bungo beef        ・Beppu Reimen (cold noodle)
    ・Toriten (chicken tempura)   ・Bungotakada soba noodle
    ・Karaage (fried chicken)     ・Jigoku-Mushi (“hell-steamed” vegetables, chicken
    ・Dango-Jiru (flat noodle soup)   custard pudding etc.) etc.

    In addition to the above Oita’s specialties, other famous Japanese dishes such as sushi, udon, ramen, gyoza (pan-fried dumpling), okonomiyaki (savory pancake), takoyaki (savory ball-shaped pancake), gyudon (beef bowl), yakitori (skewered chicken), tonkatsu (pork cutlet) etc. are available in Oita and Fukuoka!
    Leisure Activities ・Marine World “Uminonakamich” ・Fukuoka Municipal Zoo and Botanical Garden
    ・Itozu No Mori Zoological Park  ・Fukuoka Citizen's Disaster Prevention Center
    ・Moo Land Aburayama Farm    ・Hakata doll painting workshop
    ・Fukuoka tower         ・Okawa kumiko wood joinery workshop, etc.
    Nature ・Ohori Park, Uminonakamichi Seaside Park ・Anegonohama beach
    ・Maizuru Park               ・Yanagawa river cruising
    ・Hiraodai Countryside Park         ・Fruit picking: December to May - Strawberries
    ・Mt. Sarakura observatory               August to September - Grapes
                                August to November - Pears and apples
                                October to November - Persimmons etc.
    Historical Landmarks ・Miyajidake Shrine ・Kyushu National Museum
    ・Kushida Shrine  ・Kitakyushu Museum of Natural History and Human History
    ・Nanzoin Temple  ・Hakata Traditional Craft and Design Museum, etc.
    ・Kokura Castle
    Shopping ・Canal City Hakata         ・Fukuoka Parco
    ・Hakata Marui           ・Tenjin Core
    ・Amu Plaza Hakata          ・Solaria Plaza
    ・Hakata Hankyu Department Store ・Bayside Place Hakata etc.
    ・Mariona City Fukuoka
    Food ・Hakata Ramen      ・Mentaiko (marinated cod roe)
    ・Yaki Curry (baked curry) ・Motsunabe (innards hot pot)
    ・Mizutaki (chicken hot pot) ・Nakasu Food stalls etc.

    Other Tour Details

    Item Included in the Cost Contents
    Accommodation Yes JTB offers accommodation options considering location and safety. You can also request a specific accommodation or room type; JTB will be pleased to make arrangements for you.
    Food Yes According to your budget, JTB can suggest and arrange reservations at restaurants that serve local and seasonal cuisine. You can also request a specific food you wish to have and JTB can find the perfect restaurant for you. In addition, JTB and APU cover a variety of food options inside and outside of the campus to meet personal or religious diet requirements such as vegetarian and halal. We can also accommodate those with allergies.
    Charter Bus Yes JTB will arrange a charter bus for your travel depending on the size of your party. JTB will make sure your group travels safely and comfortably.
    Tour Guide 1→No
    2 and 3→Yes
    There are three types of tour guide services you can choose from. The additional costs will differ depending on the country.
    Language Guide Availability Additional Costs
    1 English or Chinese Within Japan No
    2 English or Chinese Entire trip including to and from Japan Yes
    3 Other Languages Entire trip including to and from Japan Yes
    VISA No JTB can apply for a visa on your behalf. The cost and requirements to obtain a visa will differ depending on the country. If you wish to apply a visa through JTB, they will provide you with more detailed information later.
    Travel Insurance No You can purchase travel insurance through JTB. The cost and insurance plans will differ depending on the country and your needs. If you wish to purchase travel insurance through JTB, they will provide you with more detailed information.
    Flight Ticket No JTB can arrange your flights, and in some cases group discounts can be applied. Depending on your departure/arrival date and the number of guests, the flight cost can change. If you are considering booking your flights through JTB, they can provide you with a quote of the approximate cost.
    Cancellation Policy -
    Days Prior to Departure Cancellation Fee
    31 days Nor charge
    30 - 22 days 10% of total cost
    21 - 8 days 30% of total cost
    7 - 2 days 50% of total cost
    Less than a day 100% of total cost


    Please contact us at least 3 months before your desired departure date.
    For inquiries about this program, please fill out the following form and send it to APU ([email protected]). Once we receive your request, a representative from a local JTB office in your country will be in touch with you within 2 - 3 working days. After that, you can consult with the representative by email, phone, or in person. For activities held at APU, APU will contact you separately to discuss your needs. We look forward to hearing from you! Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University (APU)
    Admissions Office (International) “School Trip to Japan"
    1-1 Jumonjibaru Beppu, Oita 874-8577 Japan
    Email: / Tel: +81-977-78-1119

    Further Information about Japan

    APU Official Website
    Kyushu Area
    Other Areas