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Student Life

Studying at APU means you will be residing in Beppu, a mid-sized city in southwest Japan and one of the country’s most visited locations. Your life here will have both excitement, living in a major tourist destination, and tranquility, with beautiful natural surroundings and relaxing hot springs. This area is also very affordable, with lower living costs compared to larger cities such as Tokyo or Osaka. The campus of APU itself will add another unique dimension to your life here thanks to the vibrant global community, convenient on-campus facilities and popular student-led events.

Check out some of the different aspects in the life of an APU student.


  • 113,252

    total residents

  • 2,873

    international residents

  • 2,217

    hot springs

  • Amount of hot spring water

    No. 1 in Japan and No. 2 in the world, only second to Yellowstone National Park in the United States.

  • Average temperature in Beppu

    April 14℃ / 57°
    July 28℃ / 82°F
    October 20℃ / 68°F
    January 5℃ / 41°F

  • Popular foods of Beppu

    Toriten (Beppu-style fried chicken),
    Jigoku mushi ryori (hot spring steamed cuisine),
    Shiitake mushrooms,
    Dango Jiru (dumpling soup)