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Social Media Unit SMU

Social Media Unit (SMU)

About SMU

The Social Media Unit, also known as SMU, is a group of students that works together with the International Admissions Office to create content for perspective and new students to help them learn about APU. From blogs about travel spots within Oita Prefecture to tips on how to stay organized and survive the semester, SMU brings relevant content created by student for students.

SMU Members

Meet the current SMU members below!

  • Jun

    SMU Member Jun Hello everyone, I’m Jun from Vietnam. I have been joining SMU since my 2nd semester in APU as a photographer/videographer. My role includes taking photos and videos of APU events, creating video content, video editing, and other camera-related tasks. While working for SMU, I have the opportunity to work with awesome people, make a lot of new friends, and improve my skills at the same time. If you are interested in social media and content creation, I highly recommend you joining SMU. I believe you will gain many valuable experiences just like me.

  • Temi

    SMU Member Temi Hey everyone, it’s Temi from SMU! I’m originally from Lagos, Nigeria but lived in Johannesburg, South Africa before coming to Japan. At SMU, I do a myriad of different things: writing blogs on student life here for the APU Admissions Page, creating Instagram stories about events happening here at APU or places I visit in Japan, and a bit of photography from time to time. Outside work, I’m a big fan of social documentaries and crime or drama-based series (HTGAWM, How To Ruin Christmas, Blood & Water). I also enjoy taking long beach walks and traveling around Japan!

  • Ephine

    SMU Member EphineHello there!
    My name is Maria Josephine, but people usually call me Ephine or Maria. I’m currently a 3rd year 1st semester APS student from Indonesia. In SMU, I mainly take pictures of events, but sometimes, you could also see my face in APU Instagram’s story. Besides photography, in my spare time, I like to hang out with friends, play basketball, or just sitting down in a coffee shop, staring at my laptop, while trying to gather motivations to study Japanese.

  • Le Hoang Vy

    SMU Member VivianeWelcome to SMU corner, this is Viviane from Vietnam.
    I participate in SMU as a photographer, videographer and designer. Here, I am able to challenge and improve my abilities, thus, meet friends who share similar interests. To me, it is such a delightful experience during my college time.

  • Gillian Encarnacion

    SMU Member Gil Hello my name is Gillian but you can call me Gil for short - it's pronounced with a J! I'm a 4th year student from the Philippines majoring in International Relations and Peace Studies. As a member of SMU I write blogs and create content for APU's Instagram stories and TikTok! I enjoy traveling, watching Kdrama, learning languages, and am passionate about International Law, dogs, ramen, snow, mornings, pink things, and BTS make my eyes sparkle and my heart flutter!

  • Fatin

    SMU Member Fatin Hey guys! I am your resident SMUbie and friendly APU mate, Fatin from Bangladesh. You can catch me on campus gawking at the ever-present mountains or at the beautiful scenery of Beppu city and taking pictures after pictures with my phone. You might find me doing this around Beppu city as well! Also, if anyone likes anime, especially One Piece, hit me up! Let’s have a chat on how Luffy’s gonna be the King of the Pirates or how Zoro will defeat Mihawk and end up being the World’s Greatest Swordsman! Hope to see you all on campus soon!

  • Erin Katrina Titiheruw

    SMU Member Erin Hi! I’m Erin and I am a second-year APS student majoring in International Relations and Peace Studies. Within SMU, I create TikToks, often with my colleague Eleanor, and am starting to try to write blogs on student life. I’d choose cozy get-together parties with my friends over partying at a club most of the time. As an introvert most of the time, I like the hustle of a big city that I would like to lose myself in by finding a quiet place to read.

  • Eleanor

    SMU Member EleanorHello! My name is Eleanor, you can call me El. I am an APS Fall 2020 student from Jakarta, Indonesia. I love making digital creative content for SMU and for my personal blog. If I am not making content, you can find me spending money on overpriced coffee in Beppu. Aside from SMU, I am an active TA and RA. Hope to see you on campus!

  • Awe

    SMU Member Awe Hi everyone! I’m Awe! I am half Thai, half American. I am a third year student and I recently joined SMU, mainly taking photos and editing videos.

  • Uyen (Tracy)

    SMU Member Tracy Hello world! I’m Uyen, or you can call me Tracy, an APM 2nd year student from Vietnam.
    Photography has always been my hobby since I was in high school. I love how powerful it is to capture everything into pictures and make a moment become immortal. In my interview for admission to APU, I told the admission committee that I would use my photography skill and become a member of SMU (Social Media Unit) to contribute to APU community. And guess what, I am now a photographer at SMU - how incredible!
    In SMU, besides taking photos, I am trying to involve myself more in writing blogs and making videos. There are always chances to further your competencies in APU!
    Another fun fact about me: I have dyed my hair seven times in 2021 (You can see how much I love playing with colors :’D)

  • Tabina

    SMU Member TabinaHi, my name is Tabina, and I'm from Indonesia. Currently, I'm in my third year first semester! Being part of SMU is my dream because I have always loved creating videos and taking pictures. Creating short videos for new students or current students to help them adapt to APU is what I love the most.

  • Waranya Thisong (Mika)

    SMU Member Mika Hi! My name is Mika, I'm from Thailand and I mainly do video and animation work for SMU! I have a lot of hobbies such as cooking, dancing, art, video games, etc. Feel free to talk to me, I'm sure we can find more than one topic to talk about!

SMU Activities

Have a look at the content our SMU members make!

  • Instagram

    SMU members take pictures, film and edit Instagram stories, and create captions for our Instagram content. You can see current and previous SMU members in our pinned stories, watch their video projects under IGTV, or check out some short videos and TikToks in IG Reels. We also often feature pictures taken by SMU members of downtown Beppu, on campus building and events, and other activities.

  • Youtube

    SMU creates a variety of videos for our Youtube channel such as student features, montages of ceremonies and events, insights into campus life, student life, and club activities. Members also work together with professors and other offices to help create informative videos about APU and any ongoing projects. Check out their work if you want to see firsthand more about APU!

  • TikTok

    SMU members take their knowledge of APU and put them into fun, interesting TikToks to share with future and perspective students as well as with new students on the ins and outs of life as a student at APU. They also create content about studying Japanese, part-time jobs on campus, take part in challenges, show off APU events and campus, and much more. Have a look at their videos on our TikTok account!

  • Facebook

    SMU takes pictures and creates content for our official Facebook about events both on and off campus, about their life as a students, about other students, alumni, and professors to share with not only other SPU students but with fans of APU to showcase the amazing things that come from APU. Browse through our feed to read about more about APU!

Videos by SMU

Watch through some videos that our SMU members have worked on and completed in the last year!