MEXT Scholarship (Embassy Recommendation)

MEXT Scholarship (Embassy Recommendation) for 2019

It is possible to apply for the Japanese Government (Monbukagakusho:MEXT) scholarship through the Japanese embassy in the applicant's home country. In this case, the applicant first applies to the embassy and then contacts APU after screening by the embassy has yielded a positive result. Most embassies accept applications around April, but please contact the relevant embassy to confirm their application procedure. Enrollment would be in either spring or fall of the following year. Any of APU's graduate programs other than IMAT qualify for this scholarship. You can find more information on the MEXT website.

Application Process


Major Field of Study :
The program chosen should be related to the field that the applicant studied at the previous university, or related to the applicant's professional experience.
Nationality :
Applicant must have the nationality of a country which has diplomatic relations with the Japanese government. This applies at such times to stateless persons, too. Applicant who has Japanese nationality at the time of application will not be eligible.
Academic Background :
Applicants must be a Bachelor Degree holder with 16 years of formal education. Undergraduates who are in the final year at their respective universities are eligible to apply.
Age :
Born on or after April 2, 1984.