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This Website ( is operated by the Ritsumeikan Trust. Please read the following to use the website comfortably. Please note that the contents are subject to change without notice.

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In order to ascertain usage and improve content, we use Google Analytics to analyze traffic on this site.
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Google Analytics Terms of Service(Link to external page)

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The copyrights on the respective texts, pictures, animations, logos, illustrations, music, sound, and any other works published on this Website (hereinafter collectively called "Contents") are held by the Ritsumeikan Trust or a third party.
Except as permitted by the Copyright Act such as personal use, it is prohibited by the Copyright Act to use (duplicate, modify, and distribute) the Contents without the copyright holder's prior permission. The trademarks used on this Website, which are owned by the Ritsumeikan Trust or the right holder who has authorized the Ritsumeikan Trust to use the same, may not be used without permission.
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The Ritsumeikan Trust will not warrant in any manner the accuracy, usability, or certainty of the information or contents provided on this Website.
The Ritsumeikan Trust may discontinue, cancel, or change information on this Website without notice.
The Ritsumeikan Trust will not be liable in any manner for any damage incurred directly or indirectly by the use of the Contents or any other information included in this Website.

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Links to this Website

You are free to link to this Website, but in case the linked website does or may fall under any of the following, such link will be refused:

  • a website containing a malicious slander against, or intending to bring into disrepute, any of the students or faculty and staff belonging to the Ritsumeikan Trust;
  • a website involved with, or containing information involved with, any act against laws, regulations, ordinances, or rules, or public order and morals or social ethics; and
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Please note that the URL of this Website may be changed or deleted without notice.

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Please understand that the Ritsumeikan Trust will not be liable in any manner for the contents of third parties' websites linked from this Website (hereinafter called "Linked Website") or any damage incurred by the use of the Linked Website.

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Admissions Office (International), Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University, the Ritsumeikan Trust
E-mail address: [email protected]


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