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Tuition and Fees

Tuition & Fees

Standard Tuition Fees for Four Years of Study

Tuition payments are semester-based and includes a fixed tuition (referred to as Tuition A) and a tuition that varies based on the semester a student enrolls (referred to as Tuition B). Tuition B will be calculated based on the overall annual tuition of the current semester a student is in. Tuition for each individual differs according to the awarded APU Tuition Reduction Scholarship percentage.

  First Year
(1st and 2nd Semester)
Second Year
(3rd and 4th Semester)
Third Year
(5th and 6th Semester)
Fourth Year
(7th and 8th Semester)
Maximum number of credits by semester 18 20 20 24
First Year Students 1,300,000JPY 1,500,000JPY 1,500,000JPY 1,500,000JPY
Second Year Transfer Students 1,500,000JPY 1,500,000JPY 1,500,000JPY
Third Year Transfer Students 1,500,000JPY 1,500,000JPY

Enrollment Procedure Fees

To enroll at APU, payment of the Admission Fee, Tuition Fee for First Semester, AP House Entrance Fee, and Comprehensive Renter's Insurance is necessary. Please ensure you have sufficient financial means before application. For admitted applicants, the invoice for the enrollment procedure fees will be sent along with the application result. Prospective enrollees must pay the fees stated in the invoice before the payment deadlines in order to enroll at the university.

Admission Fee


Tuition Fee for First Semester

You must pay the entire first semester’s tuition before enrolling at APU. Tuition fee for each individual varies according to the awarded APU Tuition Reduction Scholarship percentage.

APU Tuition Reduction Scholarship Percentage 0% 30% 50% 65% 80% 100%
First Year Students 650,000JPY 455,000JPY 325,000JPY 227,500JPY 130,000JPY       0JPY      
Transfer Students 750,000JPY 525,000JPY 375,000JPY 262,500JPY 150,000JPY 0JPY

Comprehensive Insurance for Students

In case of accidents arising to compensations, all international students are to join the insurance program designated by the university. Please refer to the Guide to Comprehensive Insurance for Students Lives Coupled with "Gakken" found in the Online Enrollment Procedures System. Even if you do not stay in AP House, you must still pay the Comprehensive Insurance for Students.

First Year Students Second Year Transfer Students Third Year Transfer Students
17,540JPY 13,400JPY 9,250JPY

AP House Entrance Fee


This fee is required for all enrollees, regardless of the scholarship amount. The fee includes a moving-in fee (32,000 JPY), security deposit (98,000 JPY), and rent (52,000 JPY per month*) for two months. All amounts are subject to change.
* The rent amount before enrollment is a flat rate of 52,000 JPY per month, regardless of the AP House building in which you will live. If this amount differs from your actual rent, the difference will be used to cover subsequent monthly rent payments or will be refunded when you move out of AP House.


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