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APU is located high above Beppu city on the mountain side with a spectacular view of both the city and the sea. APU’s campus is spacious and modern, making studying here a pleasant experience.

Where Students can Find Support for Student Life
The Student Office, Career Office, Counseling Center and Health Clinic assist with various aspects of student life. Also there are some administrative offices, including the Office of the President, Administration Office and Admissions Office.
The Home of Academic and Research Activities
Students can visit the Academic Office for questions and consultation about academic programs as well as off-campus study programs including study abroad. Faculty offices, seminar project rooms for joint research, the Ritsumeikan Center for Asia Pacific Studies, and the Research Office are also housed here.
The Heart of APU’s Language Programs
This faculty building contains the language institute, self-study centre, language faculty offices, individual faculty offices and consultation rooms. At the self study center, you can gain individual consultation and support from a teaching staff member for your academic needs. This building is also home to the APU Confucius Centre which aims to promote Chinese language and cultural studies.
APU's Main Hall for International Symposiums and Student Events
Millennium Hall serves as a point of contact between APU, local communities and the world. Large functions including entrance and graduation ceremomies, international symposiums, top executive lectures, the grand final of multicultural week and other student events are held here. This modern facility has a giant screen and interpretation equipment available .
IT Facilities' Home
Housing the university library, multimedia labs and computer rooms, the Media Center serves as an APU information center. Also located here are CAI (Computer Assisted Instruction) rooms to improve linguistic ability via computers and. You can also gain support and guidance to use this technology.
Giving you access to the newest information and tools, the Multi-Media Room makes preparing reports, presentations etc. a breeze. System Assistants (SAs) are also on hand to answer all your IT questions.
APU’s library houses an extensive collection of books from around the world. About half of the books, newspapers and periodicals at APU are also from outside Japan, focusing on the Asia Pacific region. Students can also request materials from Ritsumeikan University, with over 2,400,000 books available.
A Place to Relax with Friends: APU Cafeterias
The Student Union is where students can get together. There are two cafeterias on the 1st floor that contain more than 900 seats. Various international meals including halal and vegetarian dishes are available. The 2nd floor provides an open space for group activities, a student lounge area, studios, music rooms, and a Japanese-style room.
Providing good food at a reasonable price, APU’s cafeteria provides various menus including international cuisine that give students a taste of new dishes. Handmade bread is also a popular choice.
The Pacific Cafe offers a range of lighter meal options than the main cafeteria. Freshly made sandwiches, paninis, burgers, french fries, desserts and a selection of drinks such as fruit juice are available.
With a high quality sound and light system, the Student Hall allows students to really bring their artistic creations to life - from live music performances to movie nights. The hall is sometimes also used for international symposiums.
An Everyday Goods Shop and Student Activity Spaces
The 1st floor contains the Co-op Shop, selling a wide variety of literature, food products, and miscellaneous everyday items. The 2nd floor encompasses a presentation space for student group activities, and a multipurpose hall which is used for seminars and student events.
This on-campus convenience store has all your everyday items, from bread, boxed lunches and spices, to course books, writing supplies and electronics. Students can also arrange discounts on travel tickets here.
APU’s Largest Classroom Building for Lectures and Research
This building houses rooms for lectures and seminars, including small classrooms for 30 to 50 students, medium to large classrooms for 100 to 300 students, and classrooms with multimedia conferencing facilities . It also features the Language Lounge, the Japanese Tea Ceremony Room and additional faculty offices.
Students can get in-depth support for their language studies from senior students and faculty members, to improve their ability in any of the many languages taught at APU. Students can also find a language exchange partner here.
Founded by Mr. Sen Genshitsu, the 15th successive tea master of Urasenke (one of Japan's main tea ceremony schools), the room provides an opportunity for students to experience the real essence of wabi and sabi, the spirit of the tea ceremony. Students can take classes in the tea ceremony.
APU’s newest classroom building, outfitted with leading edge technology learning tools.
Building FII contains 17 seminar classrooms,each with a capacity for 30 students and a large lecture theatre with enough seating for 300 students, in addition to 3 PC classrooms equipped with approximately 70 computers each, and 9 CAI classrooms equipped with 25 computers each, with programs to improve the language abilities of students.
Well Equipped Gymnasium and Outside Fields for Various Sports
In the gymnasium, students can enjoy various indoor sports such as basketball, badminton, table tennis and indoor football. Also, there are gyms with various machines. Outdoors, there are 5 tennis courts, 2 big sports fields, and a street basketball court. All these are available for students to use free of charge.
There are more than 10 kinds of training machines including treadmills, bikes and free weights. Many students and faculty members go there after classes to keep their physical fitness.
Casual multinational pick-up basketball games provide yet another place to experience international exchange. Any group of students can also use the tennis courts upon reservation.
Home to APU’s Cutting Edge Postgraduate Research and Lectures
There are various types of classrooms, from small rooms up to lecture theatres for 300 students, and a tiered lecture theatre with mega monitor. The professors’ research rooms are also located in this building.
On-campus Dormitory for Students from Around The World
AP House is the on-campus domitory. There are shared and individual type rooms with internet facilities, own bed, study desk and toilet. Each floor has an individual shower unit and diningkitchen. PC rooms, a library, a community area with billiards, and a courtyard with basketball courts are also available. This is a clean and safe facility with an auto-lock security system.
The Best Place to Enjoy the Stunning View of Beppu city and Its Surroundings
You can see a beautiful view of Beppu city with mountains and bays from Wave Amphitheater. This area is often used as a stage for outdoor events, and also it is a nice spot to have a break with your friends on sunny days.