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There are several options for accommodation both on and off-campus to suit any budget or lifestyle. So as to get used to living in their new environment, first year international students live on-campus in AP House and then move into off-campus dormitories or apartments from the second year.For students who wish to stay living at AP House after the first year, this may be possible, depending on availability.

Student Voice

On- campus dormitory accommodation ? AP House

Our student domitory “AP House” is a secure and comfortable living environment where students from all over the world live side by side. Resident Assistants drawn from the ranks of our senior students assist you with your study and everyday problems and concerns.

Single and shared rooms are available. Shared rooms feature a sliding door to ensure each student’s privacy. Each room is fitted with a bed, refrigerator, air conditioner, toilet, sink, and internet access. There are communal kitchens, bathroom and private shower facilities, and clothes washing and drying machines. Computer rooms and communal lounges are also available.

Living in AP House encourages me to meet new friends from many countries all over the world. A year in AP House gave me a lot of unforgettable memories and memorable experiences. Being resident here helps deepening my understanding towards international community, as well as increasing my language skills. There are no boundaries between the residents, although we came from different backgrounds. I can learn something I have never known before from other cultures and at the same time, I can introduce that of mine to all of my friends as well. AP House really helps broadening my point of view in a very multicultural way.

Moreover, AP House offers residents a variety of interesting activities such as field trip, building events and World Festival. All of them are just for residents to gather around, getting to know each other and have some fun. To me, AP House is like a big family that we can share our happiness and friendship together, regardless of races or nationalities.

As an international student at APU, I am strongly convinced that the uniqueness and unlimited opportunities that APU provides are incomparable to any other place in the world. One of the ways I have experienced this is by being one of the many Resident Assistants (RA) in AP House. As RAs, we are responsible for making AP House a great environment for residents to get the most out of their time here both academically and non-academically. We organize various kinds of events such as hanami (cherry-blossom viewing picnic) which offers AP House residence an opportunity of enhancing friendships,

and the World Festival where APU’s multiculturalism is widely celebrated. Moreover, we happily assist our residents in their education by giving mock interviews or advice on their assignments. Although being an RA limits my private time and is occasionally exhausting, all my experiences as an RA have been so rewarding and valuable that nothing could possibly replace them.


After the first year on campus there are a number of very affordable student hosing options in the form of independent student dormitories, private apartments and shared housing. The monthly rent is approximately 30,000 to 40,000 JPY, which is considerably lower than other Japanese cities like Tokyo or Osaka. In addition to rent, you are expected to pay for other costs such as the security deposit and utilities.

Independent student dormitories

There are independent student dormitories available in Beppu city. Oita International House on the waterfront in Beppu, is operated by Oita prefecture. Previo is a student dormitory for women only with double rooms, and APU Creo Heights was purpose-built for APU students.

Private apartments and shared housing

Most APU students live in rental housing and many prefer to share it with their friends. You can find rental accommodation through local real state agents as well as Creoteck, a company funded by the Ritsumeikan Trust that manages many rental apartments especially for APU students with a student budget in mind.

Find out more about Creotech housing services here