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Global Education for Tomorrow

APU's curriculum has an international focus so as to offer a truly global perspective to all students. APU also offers you various special academic programs, such as field work, study abroad, and an early-graduation system.

APS-College of Asia Pacific Studes
APM-College of International Management

NOTE: From academic year 2011, applications to the Crossover Advance Program (CAP) will no longer be accepted. Courses previously associated with CAP are still available in either the APS or APM colleges.

Special Academic Programs
Accelerated Graduation Program Study Abroad & Off-Campus Learning
World Class Knowledge:

Interacting with experienced international professors and classmates from all over the world allows for a real and deep international knowledge and understanding in your chosen field.

Skills from the field, for the field:

APU's academic programs have a strong emphasis on learning through experience so as to fully understand your chosen study topic. You will have many opportunities to learn academically and practically through various kinds of field work and internships.


APU's curriculums allow students to study more than one area, if they wish, so as to meet individual needs and interests. Students may even choose to take some subjects from the alternate college, further broadening their career options after graduation.