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JICA Student & Alumni Testimonials

As of January 2023, over 400 JICA students have graduated from APU. Below, you can find comments from some of APU’s distinguished JICA alumni to gain insight into why they chose APU and what they have learned during their time studying at our university.

MEET Mohamad: APU Alumnus, ABE scholar, and Pioneer


Testimonials from Graduate School of Management Alumni

Nicholas John Nderungo

Nicholas John Nderungo (Tanzania, Graduated in 2018)

It is a wonderful and unique experience studying in Japan, precisely as a graduate student of APU. The MBA program here provides me with a global understanding of business as well as in-depth study of the Japanese Management style. My study focuses on innovation and operation management and I am confident that the knowledge I acquire in this program will equip me with an alternative set of skills and the creativity necessary to solve world business concerns.The campus provides an amazing environment with modern facilities and a diverse student body from over eighty countries. There are also numerous opportunities for interaction that support both academic and social life with fellow students and faculty. During my studies, I have also enjoyed traveling around Japan and this has greatly helped me in becoming a well-rounded person.

Testimonials from Graduate School of Asia Pacific Studies Alumni

International Public Administration (IPA)

Jie Lin

Jie Lin (China, Graduated in 2018)

Japanese Grant Aid for Human Resource Development Scholarship (JDS) Recipient

Studying in APU is like joining an exclusive world journey. Interesting and academically stimulating lectures, in addition to significant hands-on experiences, have given me the chance to familiarize myself with in-depth knowledge of international public administration. Supportive faculty, various campus activities, and ample opportunities for research funding and assistance have also provided the right mixture of knowledge, skills, and attitude necessary for me to take a step higher in my career path.

Swe Sett

Swe Sett (Myanmar, Graduated in 2014)

I’ll never forget my life at APU, which was full of exciting academic challenges and deep satisfaction with the unique multicultural environment. During my time as a student in the master’s program for International Cooperation Policy, I was able to create strong bonds with friends and colleagues all over the world — a personal network of accomplished professionals that I am still a part of today. After graduating under the expert guidance of my professors, I accomplished my dream of rejoining the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in my home country as a diplomat. I am now serving as First Secretary in Myanmar’s embassy in Washington DC, USA. The real-world experience, knowledge, and awareness of international issues that I obtained through my studies at APU are invaluable to me as they have proven to be essential tools in my career in international diplomatic relations. I am very grateful for and will always remember my dear professors and classmates at APU.

Nguyen Quynh Hoa

Nguyen Quynh Hoa (Viet Nam, Graduated in 2020)

LecturerHanoi University of Science and Technology, Viet Nam

Becoming a graduate student at APU has been one of my best life decisions so far. Supportive faculty and in-depth academics provide me with knowledge and skills necessary for my future career in international public administration. With students from all over the world, the lectures and discussions involve interesting, real-world applications of theoretical knowledge. In addition to studying, APU’s international cultural events, field trips, and social events bring me a sense of community and understanding that makes me more confident to pursue my dreams.

Sustainability Science (SS)

Limin Qiu

Limin Qiu (China, Graduated in 2014)

Principal Staff MemberShanghai Environmental Protection Bureau, China

During the master’s program at APU, I met students from dozens of different countries with different religions, cultures, and perspectives. We all dreamed of fulfilling our personal goals and making a difference in our home countries. My professors helped me to comprehensively understand Japan’s urban management policies, and as a result I am optimistic and firmly believe that I can make a great contribution to the improvement of Shanghai’s environment.

Malini Nair

Malini Nair (Fiji, Graduated in 2018)

Doctoral StudentRitsumeikan Asia Pacific University

My time at APU has been one of the most significant milestones in my career. Its culture and its location have proven to be a boon to me both professionally and academically. I have been able to get to know professors and peers from various backgrounds and with different expertise while taking in APU’s beautiful natural surroundings, with the added benefit of being assisted in my daily life by APU’s engaging staff. I will never forget the relaxed and secluded learning environment of APU, with its globally connected and yet accessible social setting. The diversity of students, faculty and staff at APU is a resource that has allowed me to grow as a person, to see myself contrarily, and to be self-governing in my academic and social life. My experiences here have allowed me to strengthen the relationship between Fiji and Japan, and I hope one day to raise the educational standards of the Asia Pacific region in general. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to be a part of APU.

Tourism and Hospitality (TH)

Ella Lynthia Simata

Ella Lynthia Simata (Solomon Islands, Graduated in 2019)

Deputy Provincial SecretaryMinistry of Provincial Government and Institutional Strenghtening, Solomon Islands Government, Solomon Islands

Joining the Tourism and Hospitality division at APU was a significant milestone in my career which created immense opportunities to learn and interact with different cultures and environments, while developing social interaction and international communication skills. The courses, field studies, and internships the program provided have enhanced my knowledge and skills in developing policy, and I now believe I can contribute to developing sustainable tourism in my country.

Development Economics (DE)

Felix Besseah

Felix Besseah (Ghana, Graduated in 2013)

EconomistCentral Bank of Ghana

As an APU student, I found that the genuinely international and multicultural environment that the university offered greatly influenced students’ intercultural communication abilities and contributed immensely to our personal development and leadership potential. This type of interactive relationship also existed between students and faculty in the Development Economics division, which resulted in a positive rapport that contributed to the development of students’ research topics as well as created a strong sense of community. My APU experience helped to increase my research capabilities and apprised me of beyond-the-classroom opportunities such as international mentorship programs. These skills I obtained were even further enhanced by serving as both a teaching assistant and a research assistant. Even as a master’s student, I was eligible and encouraged to present my own research at international conferences, which proved an invaluable means towards improving my research methods. Should you choose to study at APU, you can be confident that the program will draw out your leadership abilities and help you stand out as a global leader wherever your career path leads you.