JICA Experience
@ Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University

Reseach Interest

Many students enroll at APU with a specific challenge that they want to resolve for the future of their home country or region in mind. Below, you can find examples of the research areas that previous JICA students have worked in and outstanding theses among them.

Graduate School of Management

Accounting and Finance

Proposed Framework for External and Social Audit on Community Development Councils in Afghanistan

Country: Afghanistan

Firm Cash Level and Performance During a Global Financial Crisis: Evidence from Japanese and US Firms

Country: Ethiopia

Japanese Management

Impact of Power Interruption on Capacity Utilization: In Case of Amhara Pipe Factory

Country: South Sudan

Japanese Corporations and Asia Pacific Government Role, Involvement, Influence or Empowerment from Startup-management or Continuity to Success or Failure

Country: South Africa

Graduate School of Asia Pacific Studies (Master’s)

Sustainability Science

Exploring Integrated Water Resource Management (IWRM) in the Naryn River, the Kyrgyz Republic

Country: Kyrgyzstan

Tourism and Hospitality

Understanding Community Participation in CBET and The Success of Policy Implementation

Country: East Timor

The Role of Value-Added Products in Agritourism in Kunisaki, Oita Prefecture, Japan: Lessons and Implications for Solomon Islands

Country: Solomon Island

Society and culture

Domestic Violence in Kiribati

Country: Kiribati


Country: Cook Islands

International Relations

Foreign Investments and the Reconfiguration of Land Property Rights in Vanuatu

Country: Vanuatu

An Explanatory Case Study on Japan’s Overseas Development Assistance (ODA) Contribution to Papua New Guinea’s Coastal Fisheries Development towards Food Security of Rabe Community

Country: Papua New Guinea

Graduate School of Asia Pacific Studies (Doctorate)

The Role of Tourism in Rural Development in Developing Countries: A Case Study of Tajikistan

Country: Tajikistan

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Graduate Theses