Graduate School of Asia Pacific Studies (Master's) Subject List | APU Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University

Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University Graduate School Admissions

Subject List

Analytical Foundation Subjects

  • Research Methods and Academic Writing
  • Information Resources and Data Analytics

Core Subjects on the Asia Pacific Region

  • Politics and Economics in the Asia Pacific
  • Environment and Sustainable Development in the Asia Pacific
  • Social and Cultural Processes in the Asia Pacific
  • Tourism in the Asia Pacific
  • Public Health in the Asia Pacific


  • Research Project I - III
  • Final Research Project

Master's in Asia Pacific Studies Major Subjects

Society and Culture 開く

  • Cultural Change
  • Sociology of Everyday Life
  • Changing Social Landscapes
  • Media and Communication
  • Migration and Trans-nationalism
  • Social Organizations and Institutions

International Relations 開く

  • Comparative Politics and Government
  • Conflict Resolution
  • International Political Economy
  • International Security
  • Regionalism and Globalization
  • International Law

Master's in International Cooperation Policy Major Subjects

International Public Administration 開く

  • International Organizations
  • International Public Administration
  • Project Management
  • Planning and Evaluation
  • Community Development
  • Disaster Relief and Rehabilitation

Sustainability Science 開く

  • Environmental Policy, Law and Administration
  • Environment and Natural Resources Conservation
  • Industrial Ecology
  • Environmental Economics
  • Urban Sustainability
  • Advanced Environmental Geosciences

Tourism and Hospitality 開く

  • Tourism Policy and Planning
  • Tourism Economics
  • Community Based Tourism
  • Cultural and Heritage Tourism
  • Environmental Tourism
  • Health and Wellness Tourism

Development Economics 開く

  • Macroeconomics
  • Microeconomics
  • Development Economics
  • Development Finance
  • Community Development
  • Comparative Economic Development

Public Health Management 開く

  • Public Health Essentials
  • Epidemiology
  • Healthcare Economics
  • Biostatistics
  • Bioinformatics
  • Environmental Health

Core Related Subjects

  • Management Information Systems
  • Database Management
  • Advanced Data Analytics and Statistics
  • Decision Making Under Uncertainly
  • Information Technology and Operations
  • Management
  • Marketing Research
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Hospitality Management
  • Product Development Strategy

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