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Message from the Dean

Like you, we at APU’s Graduate School of Asia Pacific Studies want to shape a better world. Through our interdisciplinary programs, offered entirely in English, we will further challenge your critical thinking, creativity, and passion for change and action. Our faculty, coming from over 20 different countries, trained in distinguished universities in Japan and overseas, and with outstanding track records in their careers, will engage you in cutting-edge research and interactive graduate classes. Our learning community—vibrant, stimulating, diverse and multicultural—will strengthen your values in the pursuit of excellence, mutual respect, and cooperation in the globalizing world. Our alumni, now spread across the globe and well-positioned in their respective communities of practice, will help broaden your support network as you pursue your goals.  
“Ritsumeikan” means the “place to establish your destiny." The Graduate School of Asia Pacific Studies at APU may very well be where you start this journey.

Yan Li, Ph.D. (China)

Professor and Dean of the Graduate School of Asia Pacific Studies

Degrees: Ph.D. in Civil Engineering (Kyoto University, Japan), M.Sc. in Urban Geography (East China Normal University, China), B.Sc. in Urban and Regional Planning (Nanjing University, China)
Research Fields: City Planning, Environmental Policy, Urban Geography