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PhD Student Testimonials

Student testimonials

Over the years, our alumni have put to use the skills they gained at APU and continue to shape the world in a variety of different ways. Here are a few testimonials of APU’s graduate students.

Graduate School of Asia Pacific Studies (Doctoral)

  • Dr. Rahimi Farid Ahmad Farzam (Afghanistan)
    Morse Caoagas Flores

       Graduate School of Asia Pacific Studies
       Doctoral Program

    The Ph.D. program at APU provided me with outstanding doctoral training. Having access to high tech learning materials and equipment helped me conduct highly productive research. In addition, I was given both the encouragement and the financial support to focus on publishing and presenting my research at several conferences held in the United States, Japan, and South Korea. I was very impressed with the Ph.D. curriculum, research subsidies, and annual AP Conference—an event held on campus that provides invaluable opportunities for Ph.D. students to gain greater expertise in their fields and create worldwide academic networks. Thanks to APU’s diverse community, I also had the opportunity to exchange academic ideas and perspectives with highly-respected professors from all over the world throughout my journey.

  • Xiaolong Zou (China)
    Jun Hu (David)

       Graduate School of Asia Pacific Studies
       Doctoral Program

    After finishing the APU’s dual degree program and half a year of working in Beijing, I returned to APU to embark on the Ph.D. endeavor. My research focuses on understanding and evaluating sustainable urban development models such as eco-cities, low-carbon cities and smart cities in Asia.

    APU offers a great platform for my research and provides useful database access and abundant literature collections. I have excellent working relationships with supervising faculty and research support staff, which greatly boosts my academic performance and results.

    I enjoy the multicultural campus here at APU, and constantly get inspired by conversing with my fellow colleagues from different disciplines. This has been a valuable experience for me both as a student and a researcher.

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