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Graduate School of
Asia Pacific Studies (Doctoral)


The developing world is in great need of internationally-minded individuals possessing specialized knowledge and skills. Therefore, it is becoming increasingly common for international aid organizations to enlist the professional guidance of doctoral graduates. The doctoral program aims to produce independent individuals capable of conducting high-level research. This involves gaining expertise in theoretical and empirical approaches for investigation, acquiring in-depth knowledge of the Asia Pacific region, collecting and analyzing data, and drawing practical solutions for complicated issues in a comprehensive and integrative manner. Alumni of this program become distinguished leaders and take on prominent roles in advanced institutions for research and higher education around the world.

Asia Pacific Studies

Degree Doctor of Philosophy in Asia Pacific Studies
Enrollment Semesters April, September
Program Duration 3 years*
Yearly Intake 10 students

*Accelerated completion in 2 years may be possible upon further examination after enrollment. The total tuition for the program will not change even if you complete your degree before the standard period of completion


*Current as of the 2022 academic year.

  • 24 Students
  • 109 Alumni
  • 15 Countries and Regions
    Represented by GSAD
  • 35 Average Age


  • BUI Thanh Huong
    BUI Thanh Huong

    Human Geography, Social Psychology, Tourism Management and Development, Sustainability and Resilience

  • GHOTBI Nader
    GHOTBI Nader

    Public Health and Epidemiology, Health Economics, Environmental Economics, Ethics and Philosophy, Bioethics

  • HAN Ji
    HAN Ji

    Urban Ecology, Material Metabolism, Low-carbon City/Transport, Livable City, Circular Economy, Ecosystem Services, GIS and Remote Sensing

  • IGUCHI Yufu
    IGUCHI Yufu

    Gender Studies, Cultural Studies, Southeast Asian Studies (Malaysian Studies), Intellectual History

  • JONES Thomas Edward
    JONES Thomas Edward

    Environmental Policy, Nature-Based Tourism, Protected Areas, Regional Development

  • KASEDA Yoshinori
    KASEDA Yoshinori

    Politics, International Relations

  • KIKKAWA Takuro
    KIKKAWA Takuro

    Politics, Area Studies, International Relations

  • KIM Sangho
    KIM Sangho

    Theoretical Economics, Econometrics, Applied Economics, Economic Policy

  • KIMURA Rikio
    KIMURA Rikio

    Social Welfare and Social Work Studies, Area Studies, Sociology of Education, Education

  • LI Yan
    LI Yan

    Environmental Policy, City Planning, Regional Planning, Traffic Engineering, Social System Engineering

  • MANTELLO Peter A.
    MANTELLO Peter A.

    Artificial Intelligence, Chatbots, Human-Machine Relations, Emotional AI, Malicious AI, Surveillance Systems, Predictive Policing, Videogame Theory, Conflict Media


    General Life Science, Social Psychology, Human Genetics, Human Pathology, Public Hygiene Studies/Health Science

  • NATSUDA Kaoru
    NATSUDA Kaoru

    International Development Studies, International Political Economy, Economic Policy, Industrial Development, Rural and Community Development, Automotive Industry, Apparel Industry

  • OTSUKA Kozo
    OTSUKA Kozo

    Applied Economics

  • PISHVA Davar
    PISHVA Davar

    Environmentally Sound Technologies (ESTs), Simulation and Modeling (SaM), Decision Science (DS)

  • SATO Yoichiro
    SATO Yoichiro

    Politics, International Relations

  • SUZUKI Yasushi
    SUZUKI Yasushi

    Fiscal Studies/Finance Theory, Theoretical Economics, Institutional Economics, Political Economy

    Doctoral supervision available only for students that have completed their master's thesis under the professor's supervision

  • TODOROKI Hiroshi
    TODOROKI Hiroshi

    Geography, Area Studies, Human Geography

  • VAFADARI M. Kazem
    VAFADARI M. Kazem

    Cultural Heritage Management, Ecotourism, Agriculture Heritage Tourism, Community Based Tourism and Rural Tourism

  • YAMAGATA Tatsufumi
    YAMAGATA Tatsufumi

    Development Economics, Textile Industry, Bangladeshi Economy, Health and Development, Disability and Development

  • YAMASHITA Hiromi
    YAMASHITA Hiromi

    Environmental Sociology, Environmental Communication, Public Participation in Decision Making, Coastal Wetlands Restoration Projects, Ramsar Convention and Local Implementation

  • YOSHIDA Kaori
    YOSHIDA Kaori

    Media Studies (Representation Politics: Gender, Ethnicity, Nation), Cultural Studies, Popular Culture, Comparative Culture Studies

  • YOSHIMATSU Hidetaka
    YOSHIMATSU Hidetaka

    International Relations, International Political Economy, Regional Studies (East Asia)


    Sociology, Tourism

  • LE Hoang Anh Thu
    LE Hoang Anh Thu

    Cultural Anthropology, Folklore Studies

  • ROTHMAN Steven B.
    ROTHMAN Steven B.

    International Relations Theory, International Policy Making, International Environmental Policy, Subject Pedagogy

  • SUN Yiyang
    SUN Yiyang

    Information Network, Web Informatics, Service Informatics, Management, Commerce

  • VYAS Utpal
    VYAS Utpal

    Area Studies (East Asia), Area Studies (European Union), Politics, International Relations, Political Economy

  • YAMAURA Koichi
    YAMAURA Koichi

    Food and Agricultural Economics, Environmental Economics

  • YOUN Seung Ho
    YOUN Seung Ho

    Tourism Studies, Social Psychology


Completion of the doctoral program requires fulfillment of doctoral coursework in addition to submission and approval of a final dissertation. The dissertation should integrate the results of in-depth investigation into Asia Pacific issues and incorporate individual findings that outline strategic, policy-oriented, and practical solutions to issues arising from current developments in the region. APU provides support for doctoral students conducting field research for their dissertations. Research supervision can be provided in areas such as diversity and integration, environment and development, international political economy, and tourism development.


Lecture Subjects
1st Year Seminars, Research Paper (arranged by supervisor)
2nd Year Seminars, Presentations, Tutorials, Research Paper (arranged by supervisor)
3rd Year Seminars, Tutorials (arranged by supervisor)
Cindy Lyn Banyai
Dr. Cindy Lyn Banyai (USA, Graduated in 2010)

US Congressional Candidate, Founder and Principal of Banyai Evaluation & Consulting, LLC, and Adjunct Faculty, Department of Political Science and Public Administration at Florida Gulf Coast University, USA

“Getting my doctorate at APU allowed me to conduct field work both within Japan and throughout Southeast Asia. This research that culminated in my dissertation also lead to additional peer-reviewed publications and my own book. I was fortunate to also work with my supervisor on JICA international development projects, which gave me practical skills in training, evaluation, and program design needed for my career. This experience helped me learn about emergent leadership and gain the global perspective necessary to start my own evaluation and organization development consultancy and contribute to the global community as the representative to the UN for the International Association for Community Development.”